Megadeth / Explosive Performance At Bloodstock 2023 A Night To Remember

Bloodstock 2023 - Sunday: Megadeth - An Epic Performance and Unforgettable Finale to a wonderful festival. Metal Masters, Megadeth, Unleashed Pure Brilliance Photography: @inglisnomad and @hutchie224@bloodstockopenair #bloodstockopenair2023 #boa23 #bloodstockfestival #bloodstockopenair #Boafestival23 @megadeth

Marty Friedman rejoins Megadeth for Budokan live show

Megadeth have announced their first-ever performance at the Budokan will be live-streamed later this month and will feature the very special guest Marty Friedman, who will join the band on stage in Japan. @megadeth @martyfriedman Photo: @shannonwilk_

Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth, The HU and Fire From The Gods bring the heat to Mansfield

Five Finger Death Punch - Megadeth - The HU - Fire From The Gods. Xfinity Center. 18 September 2022. These four bands brought the heat Mansfield, MA. @5fdp Photo: @shannonwilk_

Megadeth re-established as one of the finest bands in all of Metal

"The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead is the Megadeth album I have been waiting years for. Easily one of the best Heavy Metal albums, if not the best, of 2022," says @metallicastpod @megadeth

Bloodstock with Megadeth and Killswitch Engage selling fast

Bloodstock 2023 is between 10th and 13th August 2023 at Catton Park, Derbyshire. 2023 tickets are selling like hotcakes.Megadeth and Killswitch Engage confirmed

Jeff Young and Chris Poland join David Ellefson in The Kings Of Thrash

David Ellefson will be joined by Jeff Young and special guest Chris Poland in The Kings Of Thrash and will perform two Megadeth albums in full. @davidellefsonbass @jeffyoungguitar @megadeth

Hellfest 2022 / Killing Joke, Alice Cooper, Nine Inch Nails, Megadeth

Hellfest 2022. The evening shift. Killing Joke unleash their best from a very extended catalogue. Plus we hear from Alice Cooper, Nine Inch Nails and Megadeth. Words @danybass18 @hellfestopenair #hellfest @alicecooper

Hellfest / Megadeth played an absolute monster first set in Clisson

Megadeth - Hellfest 2022 - 18 June 2022. We humbly bow to the Majesty of Sir Dave Mustaine, god of Metal and his magnificent Megadeth. Photo: @aggieanthimidou @megadeth @danybass18 @hellfestopenair #hellfest

Download 2022 / Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Funeral For A Friend, Deftones

Download Festival 2022. MetalTalk reports from Download. @downloadfest Photo: @ironmaiden by @stuartisteed_photographyIron Maiden, Megadeth, Funeral For A Friend, Deftones on Sarurday 11 June 2022. @montysewellmusic

Megadeth / David Ellefson, Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson reunite for The Raven

Former Megadeth members David Ellefson, Chris Poland and the late Gar Samuelson reunite for Fatal Opera song The Raven.

Megadeth / James LoMenzo will rejoin for the Metal Tour Of The Year

James LoMenzo will rejoin Megadeth for the Metal Tour Of The Year. James played on 2007's United Abominations and Endgame from 2009, before being replaced by David Ellefson in 2010."I'm happy to...

David Ellefson launches Bass Chronicles storyteller concert series

David Ellefson is launching his Bass Chronicles storyteller concert series, with four shows lined up across the eastern Midwest USA. The event includes a chronological live set, with songs from the legendary...

Ellefson and Soto release first track from new collaboration

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and Sons of Apollo vocalist Jeff Scott Soto have recently been working on new music and have today released the first song 'Swords & Tequila', a reworking of...

Dave Mustaine / Gibson Factory Prototype Collection photos released

Dave Mustaine has partnered with Gibson as a brand ambassador and together they have started work on the Dave Mustaine Collection, which will cover acoustic and electric guitars across the Gibson, Epiphone...

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