Sum Of Seven / “When that intro explodes…we’re going somewhere fast”

Sum Of Seven have released the new song The Enemy, a fascinating insight into the band’s development since frontman Marko Loukamaa’s arrival in summer 2021.

“The Enemy is a song that starts out fast and aggressive and really carries that momentum from start to finish,” guitarist Ari Lempinen told MetalTalk. “It is one of the heaviest songs that we have made so far. When that intro explodes, you know that we’re going somewhere fast. But at the same time, when the vocal melodies kick in, they steer the song into a different direction than you might expect, still carrying the aggressive momentum. That element of surprise is really what crowns the song for me.”

Having released their second album, Time Is Not On Your Side, under the band name Sonus Corona in 2019, the departure of vocalist Timo Mustonen and the pandemic pause led to the band changing the name and signing with LManagement.

“The Enemy has one of the best melodies we have written, in my opinion,” Lempinen says, “and Marko’s delivery is just absolutely breathtaking. The lyrics talk about freedom, victory and survival, but they also have connotations to the questionable interpretations of those subjects. The message can be interpreted as positively empowering, but also as a disturbingly delusional illusion.”

Sum Of Seven are currently writing more new music, with a new album expected in collaboration with Inverse Records.

Cover photo Sami Hinkkanen. (From left to right: Rasmus Raassina, Harri Annala, Marko Loukamaa, Miika Erkkilä, Ari Lempinen, Esa Lempinen)

Sum Of Seven:

Ari Lempinen: Guitar, backing vocals

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Esa Lempinen: Keyborads

Rasmus Raassina: Drums

Harri Annala: Guitar

Miika Erkkilä: Bass

Marko Loukamaa: Vocals

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