Steve Howe / Homebrew 7 continues the 25 year series

16 June 2021

Yes guitarist Steve Howe has announced Homebrew 7 will be released 30 July via HoweSound. Homebrew 7 is the seventh album in this collection, and is released 25 years after the first issue.

The Homebrew series features songs from Steve’s archive of demos and tracks originally recorded for either a solo project or a group project such as Yes, Asia, ABHW or GTR. This edition is different, as none of the tracks has been released in any form, and there are no plans to rerecord them in the future.

Steve says, “many are things I’ve enjoyed saving until the right moment, and the Homebrew series allows this. Some tracks have matured with my nurturing, but others have been recently rediscovered.”

With tracks from the late seventies to 2016, all dates and background notes and instrumentation details are included.

Most of the tracks are Howe’s solo recordings with occasional contributions from Dylan Howe and Virgil Howe on drums, with Phil Spalding on bass guitar (Half Way). The booklet includes the lyrics for the four vocal tracks and is also illustrated by Howe’s delightfully atmospheric photography.

Homebrew 7 can be pre-ordered from

Homebrew 7 Track Listing:

1. The Glider (2015) Time: 1.37
2. October (1998) 1.56
3. Half Way (1997, 2009 and 2015) 3.49
4. The Only One (2013) 1.26
5. In One Life (1982) 2.41
6. Outstanding Deal (1982) 3.21
7. Be Natural (2013) 1.47
8. Cold Winds (1983) 2.38
9. Deanscape (1982) 2.21
10. Tender Hooks (2015) 2.06
11. A Lady She Is (1982) 4.12
12. Two Sided (2013) 1.45
13. Strange Wayfarer (2016) 3.00
14. Devon Girl (1983) 2.42
15. Safe Haven (2015) 1.31
16. A Matter Of Fact 1986)
17. Touchstone (2015)1.58
18. From Another Day (1979) 1.47
19. Foregone Conclusion (2015) 1.58
20. Space Void (1978) 1.05
21. From The Get-Go (2015) 1.49

Total Running Time: 49.41

All titles written, arranged, engineered and produced by Steve Howe with additional drums by Dylan Howe and Virgil Howe.

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