Steelbourne / Danish Metallers “are beyond excited” to sign with Wormholdeath

Danish Metal Band Steelbourne has signed a deal with Workholedeath and will re-release their album A Tale As Old As Time on 29 April 2022.

“We are beyond excited to initiate a joint adventure with WHD,'” the band said, “and look forward to introducing the world to our classic Heavy Metal with a contemporary twist. We are confident that the WHD team consists of rock stars who can help us take the Steelbourne name to the next level.

“A Tale As Old As Time was written and recorded at home, first and foremost for us (the band), but with the reception we have received so far, we simply have to share it with more people. Carlo and the team have our complete trust in this endeavour.”

A Tale As Old As Time is classy classic Heavy Metal, inspired by the best. “We do, however, trust that you can hear the originality in the seven tracks,” the band said, “which all tell their own unique story, thematically poking at religious events throughout history. We are extremely proud of this album and are excited for the future together with WHD.”


Jacob Vestergaard Druedahl Bruun – Guitars

Troels Rasmussen – Lead Vocals

Benjamin Andreassen – Bass-guitar, Backing vocals

Simon Klem Kannegaard – Guitars

Simon Sorsback – Drums & Backing vocals

A Tale As Old As Time

1. By Way of the Serpent

2. A Tale as Old as Time

3. Defiler

4. King of Kings

5. Dear God

6. Requiem / For Those About to Die

7. Inferno

Sleeve Notes

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