Shades Of Gray / Myke Gray makes you think Summer has arrived already

Myke Gray is one artist who has withdrawn from streaming sites, asking the question “do these sites outlets really help the artists, when the artist can make more revenue from their own webstore?”

Shades Of Gray – Are You Ready For Love

Words: Paul Monkhouse

You have got to love a good song, well played and full of the unquenchable spirit of an artist who lives and breathes music.

Myke Gray, musical polymath extraordinaire, is one such man, his talent as a songwriter and guitarist having seen him pen some of the best Rock classics of the last twenty or so years.

In this, the latest chapter of the unfolding Shades Of Gray project, we see him once more unleash another monstrously catchy slab of solid gold, 80’s Glam Metal tinged Hard Rock that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Not only is this all beautifully crafted but you can just tell he is having an absolute ball as the hooky, slinky rhythm grabs you from the off, taking you on a thrilling ride, climaxing in a heavyweight punch with the sort of solo that makes you screw your face up in ecstasy before it hits the bridge.

Pure musical sunshine and an antidote to the blues that will not only banish them, but make you think that Summer has arrived already.

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