ScvmFvzz / Dag Basturd and Billi Bollox Make Punk Rock Shit Again

Make Punk Rock Shit Again! An audacious ambition, but was it ever shit? And if it was, do Scvmfvzz have what it takes to return it to those dubious standards? Sure, there have been one or two questionable bands, like any genre, over the decades, so the big question is this, will this album live up to its title? Let’s find out!!!

ScvmFvzz – Make Punk Rock Shit Again (Ruptured Ambitions)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Jools Green

On a more serious note, Make Punk Rock Shit Again is the debut release from the South West duo Scvmfvzz consisting of Dag Basturd delivering bass and vocals and Billi Bollox on drums and backing vocals. Regarding this debut offering, Dag says that “our aim as a band is to prove that anyone with something to say can make punk rock, regardless of (lack of) talent.” Personally, I think there is going to be a surprising amount of talent emerging here.

Make Punk Rock Shit Again is a twelve-track offering of just over thirty-three minutes, with some titles that will make you giggle, like Sit Down 2 Piss and Cardboard Sex Doll and others that intrigue, such as Trop C’est Trop, Graveyard Grrl and Rum Pirate. Then there are the ones that clearly have a message like Global Putrefaction, Just Say No and Choose To Be You.

So, I’m drawn in by the album title and track names. Now for the significant bit, how does it sound? Actually, it sounds pretty decent.

Opening on Don’t Be A Cunt, which begins with a poetic but to-the-point spoken word opener. Then soundwise, you are enveloped in thick fuzzy bass lines and solid drum rhythms that draw you in, with lyrics that explain concisely what constitutes that label and, therefore, what you shouldn’t do.

Choose To Be You has a simple message, above all, be true to yourself. The line “you’re not hurting anyone, it doesn’t matter what they think, you’re not out of line, we’re not supposed to be in sync” says it all. There’s a great instrumental swathe just after midway, where you can fully appreciate the fuzzy bass work and psychobilly-style drum rhythms.

The next piece, Pickled Rockstars, just from the title, conjured a mental vision of bloated, drunken old Rockstars along with some of the drunk beyond belief, staggering around and yet still drinking hardcore old Rockers I’ve crossed paths with. On listening, I was delighted to discover that notion was pretty much the concept of the track. I love how the bass lines even sound bloated and wobbly too.

The next track, Sit Down 2 Piss, brought out a juvenile snigger or two from me just for the title. A punchy number which is actually full of logic as well as a masculine quandary and delivered with the expected humour the title suggests.

Trop C’est Trop will definitely have you dancing around the room. It’s upbeat and catchy as hell. Billi’s drum work is absolutely on point here. One of my favourite tracks. But as Dag says, “Enough is enough!” I won’t argue with that.

The pace ramps up further with Pencil Pusher, as does the complexity. Another track that grabs your attention with its catchy beats, Scvmfvzz are on a roll now, and as the title suggests, it’s inspired by government-employed, jobsworth bureaucrats and the like.

The haunting opening winds and calling crows add a dark and sinister atmosphere to Graveyard Grrl, spilling into bass lines that are also suitably dark and sinister but with a bouncy, slightly groovy aspect alongside bouncy drum work. An interesting take on Horror Punk with a touch of Goth fetish in the lyrics.

After the dulcet sound of the clanking and smashing of glass bottles, Rum Pirate comes in sharper and more up-tempo than its predecessor. Needless to say, when pirates are in the equation, there’s going to be plenty of Yo-ho-hoing!! and Aaarging!!…. and drinking… and they say it’s Rum, but I suspect it’s Buckfast from the sound of those bottles.

Global Putrefaction takes a look at the state of humanity in general, and as the title suggests, it’s looking pretty rotten, musically cruising along in a bleakly linear manner with lovely fuzzy bass lines that reflect those views concisely.

I’m A Brat will make you laugh from the offset. I’m not saying why. Go listen yourself, but it’s one of those random elements I love to hear, left in from the recording session. When the track gets going, it’s an up tempo little rumble that gets your foot tapping and joining in with the chorus: “I’m a brat, I’m a brat, and I won’t do what I’m told.”

But the line that really resonates with me is, “I was kicked out of Scouts, I was kicked out of school”, having been kicked out of the Brownies myself in my youth, one of my proudest moments. But ultimately, it’s about individuality and non-conformism and who wants to be part of the herd anyway.

From the offset, the bass lines come in at a low stomach-churning level, an aspect that I really like on Just Say No. Final piece, Cardboard Sex Doll, is a punchy catchy little upbeat number and, no surprises, is about falling in love with a cardboard sex doll. Thank you, Scvmfvzz, for keeping me smiling all the way to the end.

Make Punk Rock Shit Again is overall a good album. It’s interesting with well-thought-out lyrics, catchy, witty, and fun, as well as raw and DIY, like a punk album should be but definitely NOT shit!!

It’s available to listen and buy from Make Punk Rock Shit Again | Scvmfvzz | The Bus Station Loonies at as a digital download as MP3, FLAC and more or limited-edition CD with lyric booklet and download streaming included. The first copies come with a free magnifying glass. Although I’m not sure why? Maybe I’ve missed something. I’d better get one of those magnifying glasses, it seems.

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