‘Dream Girl’ is the stunning new single from the charismatic blues singer/guitarist/songwriter Samantha Fish. The track is taken from her breakthrough album ‘Kill Or Be Kind’, which was released in September 2019, and ‘Dream Girl’ is a great example of Fish at her moody and melancholic best.

Samatha told MetalTalk: “Dream Girl is about trying to be something you’re not. Someone else’s ideal or fantasy.

“The video has ‘real-life Samantha’ looking for answers and inspiration. The heroine in the story might have all the pieces of what she’s looking to be, but she is still wandering through a fairy tale. There are no happy endings when you are trying to measure up for someone else.

“If you don’t own who you are, you’ll still end up lost in the woods.”

As far as Samantha is concerned, her musical future is an open road.

“I’m never going be a traditional blues artist, because that’s not who I am,” Samantha continued.

“But it’s all the Blues for me. When Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf came out, what they were doing didn’t sound like anything that had been done in Blues before.

“You’ve got to keep that kind of fire and spirit. I’m never going to do Muddy Waters better than Muddy Waters, so I have to be who I am and find my best voice.”

Samantha’s UK tour has been rescheduled to March 2021.

Cover Photo: Kaelan Barowsky

Samantha Fish UK Tour dates March 2021

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