Run To The Tills / Iron Maiden announce Asda Senjutsu tie in

Iron Maiden, who will release the new song Stratego on streaming platforms at 6 pm today, has announced a link with UK supermarket Asda.

Two hundred twenty-six of the stores will carry a display unit, with an exclusive Senjutsu version of Trooper’s Sun and Steel Japanese Lager and an Eddie album t-shirt.

“Iron Maiden are an incredible British institution and the best in their field,” Andrew Thompson, Asda’s Senior Manager on Entertainment says, “so it’s really exciting for us to be able to reward their legions of fans with some fantastic products for the launch of their hugely anticipated new album, Senjutsu on 3 September 3rd.”

“There are few bands in the world that can provide such a breadth of products that their fan base love,” says Warner Music’s SVP Commercial, Derek Allen, “and we’re delighted that Asda respect music enough to partner with us across several sectors. Every Maiden studio album launch is an event, and their fans get behind it like no other. This partnership offers something for everyone all in one place.”

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