When the question ‘who are Canada’s top rock acts’ is asked, most people would cite Rush, Nickleback, Monster Truck, Alexisonfire, Bryan Adams and possibly Devin Townsend while Harem Scarem would most probably go flying under the radar.

Words: Robert Adams

However, apart from a five year hiatus from 2008 – 2013, Harem Scarem have been releasing top quality melodic rock albums for 30 years. Album number 15 ‘Change The World’ picks up where 2017’s ‘United’ left off, with yet another collection of top drawer songs.

Photo of Harem Scarem album cover

The songwriting partnership of lead vocalist and guitarist Harry Hess with guitarist and vocalist Pete Lesperance, seem to have a never ending stream of hooks and big anthem choruses in them still.

In a lot of ways, Harem Scarem have a lot in common with their UK lablemates FM, in that both bands have been criminally underrated when it comes to album sales or major concert attendances, BUT both bands are at the very top of their respective craft and still continue to deliver top quality albums.

Title track ‘Change The World’ kicks things off and instantly we know that we are in safe hands. With Harem Scarem’s trademark massive sound, Harry Hess’ vocals sound as strong as they have ever sounded and the rest of the band are watertight. ‘Aftershock’ packs a harder rock punch, but is instantly recognisable as Harem Scarem.

Other standout tracks are ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘Fire And Gasoline’, ‘In The Unknown’ and the rather splendid ballad ‘No Me Without You’, although the entire album is strong.

There is no ‘skipping’ of tracks on ‘Change The World’ and that does not happen very often with albums these days.

As before, this album will most probably only be bought by diehard Harem Scarem fans and that is just plain WRONG.

Albums of this quality NEED to be heard and I urge every one of you that has even a passing liking for Melodic Rock to please check this album out.

You will not be disappointed.

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