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The rumours proved to be true and guitarist Marcos Rodriguez has left Rage. With Stefan Weber (ex-Axxis) already introduced in May, Peavy Wagner has told MetalTalk that the band is now working as a four piece with the introduction of new guitarist Jean Bormann (formerly Angelic, Rage & Ruins) alongside current drummer Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos.

Peavy told MetalTalk: “We’ve wanted for some time for Rage to be a quartet again, with two guitarists the way we operated back in the days of ‘Black In Mind’ and ‘End Of All Days’. After Marcos had returned to Tenerife and consequently was no longer available, I used this opportunity to enlist two young guitarists.”

This new lineup can be seen in action in the video (below) for the reworked version of ‘The Price Of War 2.0’, originally from the ‘Black In Mind’ album.

Peavy tells us: “As you can tell from the clip, Stefan and Jean complement each other perfectly. They’re both young and bring a lot of fresh energy to the band. We consciously chose this number for the video because we also wanted to revitalise the sound of the ‘Black In Mind’ era.

“The track was cut practically live for the clip, with only a few overdubs added. Rage will sound as heavy and punchy as we do on that song.”

Rage are already busy working on new material, indicating the new line up has totally gelled.

Peavy continues: “We’re not in a position to do any shows for obvious reasons at the moment, but the guys are bursting with energy and we’re using that momentum to work on new ideas that will probably be ready for release next year.”

Watch ‘The Price Of War 2.0’, here:

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