Prosperina emerge from PledgeMusic debacle with dystopian epic

Despite the collapse of PledgeMusic and their resulting financial loss, Prosperina have batted away those problems and are ready to release the album ‘Flag’ on 21 May 2021. You can hear the fantastic new single ‘Boot’ below.

Lead singer and guitarist Gethin Woolcock told MetalTalk: “‘Boot’ is an anthem for the disenfranchised Left. It feels like a counterpoint to the culture of pretence that things will always work out ok given time – a Hollywood trope that’s not always the case in the real world. ‘Boot’ is a track that is intended to rouse people from the morphine-esque stupor created by social media.”

With ‘Boot’, the band take inspiration from dystopian literature, including Orwell’s 1984. The chorus line of “If you want to see a vision of the future, picture a boot stamping on a human face forever” lends an idea to the themes running through the album, with the first single ‘Deep Never’ having already thrust an apocalyptic style into the lyrics video (below).

An oppressive dystopian existence

Looking at the helplessness and the fragmentation of modern life, focusing on an oppressive dystopian existence, ‘Flag’ may seem to echo thoughts and feelings around lockdown and COVID-19. However, the recording was completed in West Wales in December 2018, just as the problems with PledgeMusic were surfacing and with it the resulting sizeable financial loss incurred.

Woolcock told us: “We had a bit of a trial to get to this point, but we wanted to make sure our supporters got what they wanted, which meant spending a fair bit of our own personal savings to make it happen, as well as that of a very kind friend who supported us to get over the final hurdle.”

But their determination to honour the commitments that their fans have shown makes the album ready to go, and it seems even more suited to now.

‘Flag’ can be pre-ordered from

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