Periphery axeman Misha Mansoor to release Ten Albums of ‘Bulb’ material

Misha Mansoor, founding member and lead guitarist of Periphery, is planning to release a ten album collection of music from his pre-Periphery days which went under the online pseudonym ‘Bulb’.

‘Bulb’ was the online name Mansoor used on guitar forums and the MP3 website SoundClick earlier in his career, where he uploaded over 100 home recorded demos and song ideas.

Mansoor told MetalTalk: “Diving back into the Bulb archives is something that I’ve wanted to do for years.

“As I began working on what will be a new Bulb album I was reminded of this vast library of unreleased music, music that has only been previously available by seeking out bits and pieces on various forums and media channels.

“Presenting it in a context that both echoes my original intent with the songs grouped from the time period they were recorded in as well as making it easier for fans to find and enjoy was the driving motivation behind completing this massive undertaking.”

Released in reverse chronological order, ‘Archives: Volume 8’ will be out 12 June, via 3DOT Recordings and Century Media Records, with further releases every two weeks.

The release schedule for the Bulb archival recordings is:

Archives: Volume 8    June 12
Archives: Volume 7    June 26
Archives: Volume 6    July 10
Archives: Volume 5    July 24
Orchestral                   August 7
Archives: Volume 4    August 21
Archives: Volume 3    September 4
Archives: Volume 2    September 18
Archives: Volume 1    October 2
Electronic                   October 16

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