Nur Nh Returns With Powerful Anthem, A Triumph Over Domestic Violence

Nur NH has recently returned to the music industry after a ten-year absence. This absence was not voluntary but rather the result of enduring a decade-long nightmare of domestic violence.

It is evident that Nur NH has come back with a strong determination, reclaiming her power and finding solace in her ability to create once again. The first song Nur wrote upon her return to music is called I’m Done With You. This song is filled with deep meaning, emotion, vulnerability, vengeance, hope, and inspiration.

Nur dedicates this song to all the women around the world who have been, and continue to be, victims of domestic abuse. She hopes that this song will empower these women to escape cruelty, find fearlessness, and embrace a life of freedom.

Nur NH
Nur NH: “It was also a very emotional journey creating this video.”

The production of I’m Done With You took place in Sydney, Australia, with the assistance of producer Greg Stace. The accompanying music video was filmed in Borneo and was carefully crafted with great thought.

The video features dancers from Borneo, specifically from the Dayak tribe, who are the region’s original inhabitants. Nur wanted to showcase her roots in this video to emphasize that while she is moving away from her past, she is not abandoning her people and culture.

A complete production crew gathered in an abandoned field in a Borneo village to bring the visual representation of I’m Done With You to life. This process took three days. “We had a lot of fun,” Nur NH said, “but it was also a very emotional journey creating this video. The items destroyed are real, and the tears are genuine.”

Nur NH - Unbroken
Nur NH – Unbroken

The video is rich in powerful symbolism, and Nur seized the opportunity to transform her pain into art. In the video, you will witness the burning of a yellow dress and a paper document, as well as the destruction of other items that symbolize letting go of the past and embracing freedom.

Hella Rock Festival

“The dress was my traditional wedding dress that I wore in 2015, and yes, it really got burned,” Nur NH said. Alongside the dress, the paper document was Nur’s actual marriage certificate. These items travelled through multiple countries to meet their end on the sands of Borneo, providing Nur with closure to her painful past while making a profound statement of resilience, like a phoenix rising from the flames.

“The tears seen in the clip, the emotions and expressions, are all genuine reactions upon seeing these items again,” Nur NH said. “When I left my home, my country of residence, these were the only items I took with me as I ran for my life, fully intending to destroy them in a spectacular way at a later stage.”

It was crucial for Nur that the original items, not replicas, be destroyed to ensure the authenticity of the emotional reactions captured on film.

“The crew was concerned about how we would proceed with the video if we made a mistake during a take,” Nur smiles. “Fortunately, except for a few close calls, everything went smoothly.”

There is no denying the immense bravery behind the creation of I’m Done With You and its accompanying video. Music fans are guaranteed to be moved and inspired by Nur NH.

I’m Done With You made its impactful and inspirational premiere this morning. For more details, find Nur NH on Facebook.

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