The Mind-bending Sound Of New Essence Of Datum Album, Radikal Rats

In 2019, Instrumental Prog Metal band Essence Of Datum made a loud impact with their album Spellcrying Machine. Now, they are back with another mind-bending sonic journey called Radikal Rats. This new album pushes boundaries and showcases the duo’s synth Prog Metal style.

“Radikal Rats is a collection of 7 interconnected stories with a common theme,” they said. “The main character is Hector, a male white rat who, in 1961, was launched into space on the Veronique rocket. According to the version presented in Radikal Rats, he wasn’t put to sleep for experiments six months after the flight; instead, he returned to Earth in order to (get his due).

“People have repeatedly used various seemingly harmless creatures for their malicious purposes. They conducted experiments to exterminate entire colonies and even species. But this time, they themselves will be exterminated. The age of men is over; the time of the Rodent has come!”

Essence Of Datum release Radikal Rats
Essence Of Datum release new album Radikal Rats

This album is not just music. It takes you on a sonic adventure through new territories. Pulsating rhythms meet ethereal harmonies. Raw energy combines with timeless melodies. The sound of Radikal Rats is even better because they use analogue technology in the studio. The drums beat, and the guitar strums, creating a rich and deep sound.

Listen for the vintage guitar tone mixed with percussion sounds. It’s a mix of old and new that you would never expect. But wait, there’s more! Get ready for a surprise that will change how you see our music. Radikal Rats is evolving from their previous Black Metal sound. It’s an exciting ride that will challenge, inspire, and leave you wanting more.

“For the rare breed who follow us since day one, this will be a surprise to be sure but a welcome one,” they said. “For the neophytes, this will be quite a welcome to our universe.”

For more details, visit the band at Bandcamp.

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