Nita Strauss and Dorothy Deliver an Anthem of Change with Victorious

Nita Strauss has shared a video for the track Victorious, featuring vocalist Dorothy as well as two killer cameos. The track is taken from her new album, The Call Of The The Void, due 7 July via Sumerian Records.

“Victorious is the anthem I always wanted,” Nita told us. “A song about inspiring change, marching forward relentlessly, being willing to save yourself instead of waiting for someone to do it for you, and never backing down from a fight. Dorothy was the perfect powerhouse voice and personality to stand and deliver and knock this one out of the park.”

The two cameos are 13-year-old rising guitar star Charlotte Milstein, who plays the role of a young Nita in the video, and U.S. Olympian, former WBO and IBF champion Mikalea Mayer, a childhood friend of Strauss and former bandmate.

ESPN told the story of how Mayer’s brief involvement in a rock band with Strauss almost derailed her boxing career. Mayer, who initially pursued music after high school, joined a band as a vocalist and guitarist. However, she soon realized that music was not fulfilling her competitive spirit and decided to focus on boxing instead.

Mayer’s transition from music to boxing was not without challenges. She had to start from scratch and endure intense training sessions to build her boxing skills and physique. Despite facing doubts from others, Mayer remained determined to prove herself in the ring. With unwavering dedication and an impressive work ethic, she quickly rose through the ranks and gained recognition in the boxing world.

The article sheds light on the pivotal moment when Mayer’s boxing career took off. She won an Olympic Trials tournament and subsequently joined the USA Boxing team. From there, Mayer’s career skyrocketed as she continued to excel, becoming a prominent figure in women’s boxing. Her story serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of pursuing one’s passion and the resilience required to overcome obstacles along the way.

Nita Strauss, The Call Of The Void, is released on 7 July 2023. The album can be pre-ordered from here.

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