Nemesis / Serbian favourites to stream live show this Sunday

Serbian MetalTalk favourites Nemesis are to perform their first live streamed gig this weekend. You can watch the gig for free on 29 November 2020 at 21:00 CET and we can expect to hear three new songs from band.

You can follow the event from the Nemesis Facebook page, or click their event link here.

Earlier this year, the band released their debut album ‘The War Is On’ which was an impressive piece of work. You can read our interview with the band and read what we thought about the album here.

With the news of the live event, MetalTalk jumped on the hotline to Serbia to find out how the band’s brand of Melodic Death Metal has been received, what we can expect from the live event and find out what they have lined up for 2021.

We last spoke with you in July, for the release of the The War Is On. We really liked the album. How has the release gone for you? Have you have plenty of great feedback?

“We are really glad that you like our debut! The release is going great!

“We had the album made in the form of a cassette too, which was released by Funeral Hymns Records. We’ve had a lot of positive reviews for album and it really motivates us to keep going during these hard times.”

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The live stream sounds really great. How have you been preparing for this?

“We have been rehearsing a lot lately and our great friend Milan Rakić, the main man behind our label Grom Records, connected us to people from Music For Immunity production, so we are going to have great technical support and production.”

Will you treat it any differently to a gig? It will be different with no immediate crowd feedback… cheering, etc….

“No. We will try to pretend there is a big audience in front of us and we will give our best to transfer the energy to people watching at home. It is definitely going to be a new experience for us but we are really excited, since we have not had any gigs since March.

“Being on a stage is going to be so refreshing and normalising for us.”

What made you decide to the a live stream? What challenges did you have to overcome?

“Well, as I mentioned Milan and Music For Immunity contacted us. They have been doing this for a quite some time now, so we decided that we want to do it because we miss playing live so much.

“There were no specific challenges related to us or them. The only challenge we had was the official government measures, because we didn’t know if they were going to introduce another lockdown or not.”

Cover of Nemesis album The War Is on
Nemesis: The War Is On

How is COVID-19 in Serbia? Any chance of real gigs early next year?

“Currently, the situation is really bad as we are facing the peak of the pandemic here. We already have some gigs scheduled for the next year, most of them are the gigs that are postponed from this year and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them to happen.

“Among other gigs, we are scheduled to play at Serbian Exit festival, which is our biggest festival, at Rockmaraton festival in Hungary and Gugulan Rock fest in Romania.”

What is next for the band… any news on album number two?

“Yes! We are currently in the finishing stages of songwriting for the second album. I cannot say much, but the people who have heard the songs have given us amazing feedback and we believe we are getting better at shaping our own, unique style.

“We are actually going to play three new songs during the live stream, so we hope that everyone will like them.”

Good luck with the live stream. Any message for MetalTalk readers around the world?

“Thank you! We would like to thank you for this interview and wish for all of you and your readers to stay healthy and stay Metal!

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