My Brilliant Boobs / Sara Harding Shares Her Heart-Warming Story

Few people can truly own the title of ‘Rockstar’. In the traditional sense, images of wild-eyed parties, televisions being thrown out of windows, and just general world indulgent madness come to mind when putting a personality to the name. But for Sara Harding, author of My Brilliant Boobs, the title suits more than many would know.

Not in the debauchery sense, mind you. Harding has carved an incredibly successful career as a music journalist and top television producer. From MTV to Sir Lenny Henry, Harding has been a crucial part of the creative industry and a known name among heavy-rocking artists. Many arena-playing bands have been part of her journey, which has taken her through writing, creating, producing, interviewing, and booking. Throw her name out and watch many high-profile names catch it and smile. 

So when the sudden standstill moment of Harding finding out she had stage three breast cancer came around, she was faced with a question few think they will ever have to answer: what happens now?

Four years on, Harding has not only kicked cancer right in the face to a full recovery but published a part book, part blog, part diary and testimonial describing her journey through the highs, lows and downright unbelievable times to those lucky enough to have never had to take cancer on.

Early on, Harding found no literature or real help for people of this generation tackling the condition. As the author states, “cancer is no laughing matter, but I chose to find humour in my battle to get me through the hardest parts of my treatment. I hope this book helps anyone affected by this disease.”

An honest, thoughtful and, at times, hilariously recounting of the most testing time in her life, the book aims to help and inspire. Huge names in the industry, such as Viv Campbell from Def Leppard, Sharon Osbourne, Les Binks from Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, have beat the ‘Big C’. But in a world of constant highlights, it is easy to forget the journey those have had to undergo to come out as champions of their own.

My Brilliant Boobs reads as a radiantly well-written, beautifully heartwarming and eye-opening piece of work that embodies the larger-than-life personality of Harding, which has made her not only a need-to-know name on the scene but a very much beloved one.

As us fellow rockers understand, we are seen as the hard-knuckled, head-banging, no-fuss proprietors of our scene. Little things became big for Harding, such as keeping the essential part of her rocker personality in her constant hospital environment attire, is put into the book honestly and thoughtfully.

But when Alice In Chains is sending you get-well-soon cards, the testament to and importance of supporting those who have to face these challenges can never be understated. Harding stresses the importance of checking for lumps and seeking advice and help if there are even the smallest of concerns.

The book’s first print sold out in just thirty minutes, with the money going to the Pink Ribbon Foundation and the West Middlesex Hospital, which treated Harding.

Whether you are going through cancer, know someone who is or just want to educate yourselves and have a damn good read whilst doing so, My Brilliant Boobs is the one for you.

Buy your copy now on Amazon and Kindle with a chance to win a signed guitar by Ozzy, Slash, Scott Gorham, Slipknot, Def Leppard and more – all for a great cause.

Find My Brilliant Boobs here on Amazon for both paperback and on Kindle.

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