MTTV Episode Nine: Jennifer Haben, Beyond The Black

17 June 2020

MTTV Episode Nine features Dany Jones talking with Jennifer Haben, from the German Metal band Beyond the Black. Here the girls bond over things to do during lockdown, talk about being the ‘girl in the band’ and, of course, discuss the new Beyond the Black album ‘Hørizøns’ (Released 19 June 2020).

Dany says: “Jennifer was simply lovely and it has been a pleasure spending some time with her. Wrongfully depicted as the ‘Wicked Maiden of Metal’ for being the only remaining survivor of the first outfit, we had the opportunity to set the record straight”.

Jennifer talks about her plans to take Beyond The Black all through Europe and ultimately the rest of the world, explaining how her passion for this music has impacted her view of family life.

Hear about this and more in our video interview below:

Beyond The Black
Horizons (Napalm Records)
Release Date 19 June 2020.

Track List:

1.   Horizons
2.   Misery
3.   Wounded Healer
4.   Some Kind Of Monster
5.   Human
6.   Golden Pariahs
7.   Marching On
8.   You’re Not Alone
9.   Out Of The Ashes
10. Paralyzed
11. Coming Home
12. I Won’t Surrender  Feat. Tina Guo
13. Welcome To My Wasteland

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