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We all know that if something is great for inspiration, it’s marijuana. Artists all around the globe from all kinds of different contexts and even different periods of time have been using the magic of this plant as a muse for creating the most epic masterpieces ever to be known.

And music is one of the biggest examples of this. You’ll find infinite lists of songs inspired by the groovy feeling of marijuana in almost any type of music genre.

Metal music, for instance, which boomed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the times frequently associated with the flower power movement, was a big carrier of the stoner movement by that time. Artists from the era seemed to be so infatuated with the winds of mary jane that they were almost forced by a bigger and external force to write songs about it, the influence of the love for a plant that opened up people’s heads into a new vision of the world. Here are the best five Metal songs about cannabis.

1. Sweet Leaf – by Black Sabbath

Of course, this list wouldn’t be this list if Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath wasn’t in the first place. Released back in 1971 in the band’s third studio album, Master of Reality, this song talks about the enlightenment that friend Mary Jane has brought to the eyes of the consumers. And not to ignore the headbang provoking riff that it plays along to—an epic song to remain in the heart of music and cannabis lovers for all eternity.

2. Dopesmoker – by Sleep

If you ever doubted how big someone’s love for cannabis could even be, perhaps Dopesmoker by Sleep has the answer you’re looking for. Yes, the band has indeed written a one-hour long stoner opera dedicated to the art of smoking marijuana. So next time you find yourself in a smoke sesh with your friends, save yourself the time of finding the perfect playlist to blast and just hit play to this stoner journey.

3. 4:20 by Six Feet Under

Stringing along with the head nodding vibes, definitely press play to 4:20 by Six Feet Under before you spark up your next joint. Taking a look at the name, you can pretty much guess what the song goes about.. So roll one up and do as the song’s first phrase suggests: Sit back and hold your breath, Just let nature take effect. And it looks like if there’s something that Metal rock stars seem to agree on is cannabis’ nature to open up our eyes to reality. Sabbath mentions it in Sweet Leaf as they sing, “You introduced me to my mind,” and Six Feet Under’s “Let go of perception, enter true reality, Let go of perception, I can see through my third eye” suggests the same.

4. Greenthumb by Bongzilla

If the band’s name doesn’t illustrate enough how much the members adore marijuana, perhaps take a listen to their sound. Greenthumb will get you inspired enough to finally get some cannabis seeds and start growing your own plants at home. The musicians themselves were likely avid growers as there’s no way they expressed ‘A sea of green I see’ without the double pun intended. In case you’re not yet familiar, sea of green is a widely famous method of marijuana cultivation.

5. Hail The Leaf by DOWN

Needless to say more, what could Hail The Leaf talk about other than the love for smoking marijuana. However, if we pay enough attention to the lyrics, the song can be quite sad to hear, given the singer seems to like smoking weed in order to escape reality and the sadness he’s feeling. For those of us who identify as stoners, we’ll mostly agree that some days, when everything seems to turn out wrong, maybe all we need is to smoke a joint in order to relax and smile at ease. No, we’re not suggesting you should escape your emotions and run away from your problems by smoking marijuana. We’re just saying that some days when we’re slightly grumpier, smoking a nice joint may actually help.

What else can we say other than marijuana and music are as great of a match as peanut butter and jelly? This magic couple will never break up if not grow stronger. What are your favourite jams to blast to while you’re getting stoned?

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