MetalTalk 2020 Review / The Writers: Liz Medhurst

Continuing our review of 2020, we spoke with MetalTalk writer and gig lover Liz Medhurst.

Did you go to any real gigs earlier this year. What was your favourite? Any great memories?

There were a few good gigs to start the year off, including the always brilliant Legends of Rock festival at the beginning of March, and then an outstanding double hander of Stray and The Groundhogs at The Garage, Islington right before lockdown.

That was it until December, when amazingly the psychedelic dark blues maestros Pearl Handled Revolver played the Court Theatre, Tring, with Covid secure measures.

It was weird as hell sitting in a spaced-out audience – from the logistics not any substances – but a wonderful evening nonetheless. I am not sure who needed it more, band or audience.

The first live gig post pandemic was always going to be special, but you get that anyway with Pearl Handled Revolver. Otherworldly, hypnotic, deep and hard rocking with grooves to die for. A strong setlist taken from across their four studio albums the quartet delivered wave after wave of knockout sounds with more layers than Nigella’s chocolate and peanut butter cake and every bit as luscious.

Which cancelled gig did you miss the most?

Oof. Far too many to name. From the festivals to the tiny showcases I missed them all. So much. To the very depths of my soul.

Your abiding memory of 2020?

The stark reality of the contempt in how the government perceive the arts industry and all who work in it.

Top three albums of the year?

Atlantis – Cats in Space

Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic

King Creature – Set the World on Fire

Top five songs of the year?

Inglorious – She Won’t Let You Go

Tori Amos – Circle of Seasons

The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

Joe Satriani – Nineteen Eighty

Nightwish – Procession

MetalTalk highlights that you worked on or/And MetalTalk favourite reads?

MetalTalk TV has had some stonking interviews this year including Dave Ellefson, Rudy Sarzo, Andrew Freeman and many more. I loved doing the Cats In Space episode where we put questions from the fan club to the whole band – great fun and very illuminating.

Those we lost this year…. who will be in your thoughts New Years Eve?

It’s been a sad one with loss of family and friends as well as wonderful artists, of which Eddie Van Halen and Lee Kerslake both hit hard.

When do you think concerts will return?

They will be back from early 2021, but not in the same way as before. We will eventually get back to the traditional up close and sweaty nights we love but live streaming and other innovative and revolutionary ways of interacting with live music will come too.

When do you think your first big gig will be?

Big as in momentous has already happened with the first post-pandemic gig with Pearl Handled Revolver. Big as in size… I imagine not before Easter 2021.

2020 in five words?

F**k… where do I start?

2021 hopes in five words?

Brighter, better, hopeful, collaborative, vibrant


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