MetalTalk 2020 Review / Sally Newhouse, Robert Adams and Brian Boyle

Continuing our review of 2020, we spoke with Sally Newhouse, Robert Adams and Brian Boyle.

Real gigs this year:

Sally Newhouse: “Metalworks every Sunday at World’s End until Lockdown., and the wonderful ‘Legends Of Rock’ Festival in Gt Yarmouth in early March…the last gig I went to.”

Brian Boyle: “Steel Panther in Dublin in February was the only one unfortunately, little did we know what was around the corner.”

Cancelled gig you missed the most:

Sally: “Dr Feelgood Weekend with the band and close friends for our annual pilgrimage to Canvey Island in November.”

Brian: “The cancellation of Iron Maiden in Belfast hurt the most, which means I’ll probably never see The Legacy Of The Beast Tour in the flesh.”

Best memory of 2020:

Sally: “Legends of Rock Festival – highlights were Matt Pearce & The Mutiny, 
Blind River, Skam, Kris Barras and Vambo.”

Brian: “Music wise, probably the legendary Joe Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley sharing my review of the Royal Tea album. I was quite chuffed with that.”

Abiding memory of 2020:

Brian: “My abiding memory would have to be realising the stupidity of some people.”

Top albums of 2020:

Robert Adams: 

1) Devin Townsend – Order Of Magnitude

2) Fish – Weltschmertz

3) Biffy Clyro – A Celebration Of Endings

4) Ayreon – Transitus

5) Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

Sally: “Eddie & The Hot Rods Live in New York. This was recorded in 2009 but footage was never released. Barrie Masters died September 2019, so a real emotional album for me hearing him live again. 
The album cover and inner sleeve used my photos, which was such an honour.”


Iron Maiden – Nights Of The Dead – Live In Mexico

Joe Bonamassa – Royal Tea

Kiko Loureiro – Open Source”

Top Songs of 2020:

Brian: “My top five are

Deep Purple – Throw My Bones

Vandenberg – Hell And High Water

Joe Bonamassa – Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – We’re The Bastards

AC/DC – Shot In The Dark.”

Those we lost.

Sally: “Vera Lynn 18th June (memories of childhood – my parents’ favourite.) Lee Kerslake 19th September and Ken Hensley 4th November of Uriah Heep. Two greats from one great band.”

Brian: “Eddie Van Halen – a monumental loss for music as a whole, still surreal.”

My hopes for 2021:

Sally: “I want more ‘me’ time to practice the ukulele.”

Brian: “Gigs, gigs and more gigs!”

When will concerts return?

Sally: “No idea. I’m not a gambler, so not speculating!”

Robert: “I’ve been to NO gigs in 2020 and I can not foresee any gigs happening in 2021 – although I have bought tickets for Steven Wilson in September (fingers crossed).”

Brian: “How long is a piece of string? Hopefully middle of the year, but I would not be surprised if nothing happens until 2022.”

When do I think my first big gig will be?

Brian: “I’m hoping that Guns ‘N’ Roses at Marlay Park Dublin will be my first return to gigs, but….”

2020 in five words:

Sally: “
Appreciative for all I have.”

Brian: “Its Humanities Wake Up Call.”

2021 hopes in five words:

Sally: “To hug everyone I know.”

Brian: “A better one than 2020!”

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