Massive / ‘Beer Drinking, Home Cooking, Rock ‘N’ Roll Recipes’

21 August 2020

What more could you want in life other than Rock ‘n’ Roll and food, well, other than Rock ‘n’ Roll, food and alcohol? Aussie bruisers Massive have been busy during lockdown putting together this tome that combines the best of all worlds.

As befits the Melbourne rockers, this is a full on and hugely entertaining slab of mayhem, absolutely packed with the band’s own mouth-watering recipes, accompanied by suggestions of perfect heavy-duty albums to listen to as you tackle your culinary activities.

As a big bonus, in buying this you are not only getting a damn fine collection of gastronomic delights but also supporting, not just Massive, but all the bands mentioned in the book as it encourages the seeking out of sounds that you may have not heard before and putting some much needed funds into these road warriors coffers to help support them whilst they find themselves unable to tour.

The book is aimed at more than those who love their music hot and heavy but anyone who enjoys great food…but, who knows, after a few beverages of choice your elderly relatives may well be cooking up a storm and discovering that they do, indeed, like the full tilt and wild eyed boogie of Massive and Co.

The perfect Yuletide gift for all your family and friends, the book is available to pre-order now.

Turn up the gas!

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