MACHINE HEAD / Watch the lyric video for ‘Bulletproof’

12 August 2020

Bay Area Metal icons Machine Head have released a seething video for the song ‘Bulletproof’, the second song from the recent two song release ‘Civil Unrest’. The track is a cleat statement from vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn about disgraceful climate of corruption, injustice, racism and inequality found in the USA.

Flynn told MetalTalk: “The lyrics for Bulletproof were finished in the aftermath of not only the Ahmaud Arbery murder at the hands of white supremacists, but everything twisting out of control in our World.

“The isolation and craziness of the pandemic, the lockdown protesters storming government buildings with AR-15‘s, as well as the blatant lies and conspiracies pouring out of our political leaders’ mouths, hour by hour, day after day.”

MetalTalk recently shared the first track from ‘Civil Unrest’. ‘Stop The Bleeding’, which features guest vocals from Killswitch Engage frontman, Jesse Leach, was written and recorded just days after the murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

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