Koeble, Nardo, TK and Ripper on Leviathan Project 100 cassette release

Leviathan Project is poised to release It’s Their World, the first of two EP’s on 4 June 2021 via Deko Entertainment. As a throwback to the early days of Metal, there will be 100 cassettes available, plus the more modern download.

The first track Solar Storm has been released with a lyric video, which you can watch below.

The project features Bobby Koeble (Death), Matt Nardo (Producer), TK (Britny Fox) and Tim “Ripper” Owens (guest vox, KK’s Priest) and the resulting aggressive and captivating sound is a great take on traditional Heavy Metal.

Cover of It's Their World by Leviathan Project

Ripper told us, “Gotta say these were some fun tunes to sing on!! When Tommy called and asked if I wanna sing on a few songs and maybe even help write a few, I said, hell yea let’s do it! Always cool to be a guest singer on stuff you dig!”

Bobby Koelble said, “I listened to the basic tracks and just went for it. I tried to keep the flow of musicality in whatever I play. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of this music.”

Matt Nardo says, “Being involved in the creation of Leviathan Project has opened up new worlds for me as a musician. When you build music with talents like Bobby, Tim and TK, how can it not be something that resonates?”

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TK agreed, telling us, “Leviathan Project is about the moment and letting yourself get lost in the music. I try to capture sounds and create songs that will take you somewhere else.”

Deko Entertainment president Bruce Pucciarello told us, “What a great example of how you can take a familiar musical genre to another level. Amazing writing is here, and the sound explodes. It is powerful and seductive. This is an insanely good project.”

You can pre-save the EP from here with the limited edition bundles available from dekoentertainment.com/leviathan

It’s Their World Tracklist:
Solar Storm
It’s Their World
In Time

Sleeve Notes

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