King King / ‘Never Give In’ is second single from ‘Maverick’

5 August 2020

With the fifth King King album ‘Maverick’ set for release 16 October, the band have released the second single ‘Never Give In’ which you can watch below.

Alan Nimmo tells us: “’Never Give In’ was a song that came out of a number of similar ideas that I couldn’t quite settle on, so eventually when it blossomed and presented itself to me, I knew what we had to do with it!

“I wanted to have a big sound with plenty of space, a classic rock song that still said, ‘King King’!

“It’s a song about grit and determination, a willingness to keep on trying and ‘never give in’. Obstacles will always get In the way, but how we deal with them is our strength!

“This song was a lot of fun to record… I loved watching the lads in the band doing their thing and creating such a cool groove for me to be able to sing to!

“Most importantly, we had great fun doing this and indeed the whole album! It’s wonderful when everyone pulls in the same direction and to see such care for what was best for the overall sound and the album from everyone was very humbling for me!”

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