King Creature / Cornish Rockers future is bright with new top notch eleven track Metal album

King Creature have released their sophomore album ‘Set The World On Fire’ via Marshall Records and the lads from Cornwall have certainly raised the bar, producing an eleven track album of top notch Metal songs.

MetalTalk spoke with King Creature who told us that they have gone for a heavier style, as they were exploring the cross over between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. You can read the interview below, where we also find out about the addition of a lyricist to the project.

But how about this album? Well, opening track ‘Desolation’ kicks in with a beautifully heavy riff and when Dave Kellaway opens with “Standing in this landscape full of pain…”, you can feel this album is going to be heavier and more aggressive that previous songs.

Following on from the rather fine ‘Captives’ (see below, or the MetalTalk Tracks of the Week Playlist), ‘Wisdom Told’ is a cracking slower paced ballad, with striking harmonised guitars and really great lengthy outro solo.

This will be a real ‘lighters in the air’ crowd moment, COVID-19 and fire regulations permitting.

‘Storm’ is another standout track. With it’s often changing tempo, it is one of those nicely challenging foot tappers. Great vocal and guitar harmonies abound. A personal favourite this is another song sure to go exceptionally well live.

COVID-19 inspired song ‘No Getting Out Alive’ is uptempo stomper, with a nice variety in the vocal style and, especially given the pre guitar solo ‘radio commentary’, this better not be prophetic, otherwise we are all a bit more f**ked than we think.

The album finishes up on the pairing of ‘Fear Of The Fool’ and ‘Live Forever’. The former perfectly paced ‘arms in the air material’, the latter a great mosh-pit stomper.

All is all, this is more than a fine album. There are plenty of fantastic guitar parts in there to keep the shredding fans happy. With some really wonderful melodies it has been put together in some great style.

Its great to follow a band on their journey, listening to how they develop their style over time and King Creature are an excellent example of this. You get the feeling that there is still plenty more to come from the band.

Fantastic new album. Congratulations. How has it been received so far?

“The Album has gone down a storm so far and keeps on going. We are really pleased with the response.”

There are some more aggressive and Heavier elements than your earlier work. Do you agree? Was that a conscious thing?

“Yes there is definitely a heavier note to the music and it is by design. We really like that cross over point between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.”

MetalTalk spoke with Ryan Roxie who said that he said one good thing to come from this lockdown is that lots of good albums are going to be written. With COVID-19 kicking around Cornwall can you talk about how you managed to get an album together? Did the time available with Covid help the process?

“We wrote most of the songs before COVID-19. Our battle was trying to record while in a lockdown.

“It presented the usual issues, but we got around it by making a recording studio in our garage and sending the files to our producer John Cornfield.

“We literally nailed foam and clothes to the walls to create a sound proof booth and that is how we recorded the album.”

King Creature album cover 'Set The World On Fire'

Is the writing process similar to before, or as the band has grown has the songwriting grown with it?

“The writing process is now very different from before. We have a fifth member. Our manager Jules writes the lyrics. We give him instrumentals and then he feels what the songs are going to be about and then writes the lyrics, gives them to us and we all work together to carve the song out and bring it to life.”

The deeper and darker themes, is that the mood of COVID-19 in Cornwall or the build up of stress in the music world?

“It is clearly the stress in the world. Cornwall is fine and we could not ask to be in a better place.

“We wrote dark, but if you read the lyrics and get the tune there is a light finish of mercy on every song.”

With the lack of gigs and difficulties in promoting the album, how important are the fans for you? Have they been supportive in these difficult times?

“The fans have been great. We put on a socially distanced show for this guys to say thank you back in September.”

Prediction time. SOS Festival is July 2021. How do you rate the chances of playing live before then? Are you planning to tour the album earlier next year, if possible?

“We will be touring and playing live shows before then. We have built our own Venue called ‘The Yard’, plus we will never sit still. We will be playing live early 2021. Don’t you doubt it!”

How was touring with Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons and Doro?

“Touring with Phil was brilliant. We had a good laugh with the guys and Phil played tricks on us a whole bunch and we hung out with them too. They are cool guys.

“Doro was amazing to us. She really took us in and so did the band. They have asked us back out with them again, which we can’t wait to do!!”

Good luck on the album. It’s pretty tough, especially now, to get your heads above the parapet. So we wish you all the success for the album. Any message for the MetalTalk readers around the world

“Just a big f**king thank you for all the people that buy our shit, and to the guys at MetalTalk for having our backs. See you all again soon!!

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