Kill The Lights / James Clark Excited For Death Melodies Tour

The evolution of Kill The Lights saw the band release their second album, Death Melodies, today. This powerful Metalcore album blends intense energy, emotional depth, and exceptional musicianship. MetalTalk spoke with vocalist James Clark for a deep dive into the album and the band’s journey of resilience and creativity. You can read the interview here.

The band head out on The Death Melodies Tour this April. Opening in Cardiff on 19 April, the tour runs through nine UK dates before Kill The Lights head out into mainland Europe. This is their first UK headline tour.

“We’re pretty excited about the fact that we’re headlining this, which is awesome,” James Clark told MetalTalk Editor Steve Ritchie. “We can control the set time, too. The kind of venues are all 2-300 cap rooms, some of them even a little smaller. I think for anybody who’s a lover of music or Metal, rock, whatever, those sweaty small club venues have always been my favourite spots.

“I don’t care where it is. They’ve been my favourite place to play and watch shows. My favourite memories are in those small venues. As a band, we were looking through the other day and Googling all the venues, and everybody’s just sharing it. It was pretty cool. We’re excited about playing them. You add 150 people in some of those venues, and realistically, the capacity is really not 150. It’s a great time.”

The tour gives James, who was born in Peterborough, the chance to catch up with some British food which does not travel well to the US. Naturally, I ask him what foods he misses.

“It’s so stereotypical, though,” James smiles, “It would be a Sunday roast. Homemade gravy, if you’re gonna get technical on it. Fish and chips, standard again. I do love a good curry, though, and a couple of beers. You ask the guys, too. They will say anywhere I go, I get bangers and mash as well. So that would be another thing. It’s about as obvious English as you get, but the stuff that tends to be not great in America.”

I ask, with a smile, if James has a little group of Yorkshire pudding makers together in the US. “I might need to,” he says. “I went to a fish and chip shop over here. It was actually decent, but they had white vinegar, not malt vinegar, on the table. Instantly, you don’t qualify right there.”

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I suggest I would have walked out straight away. “I’m just offended by it, to be honest,” James says.


19apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | CardiffGlobe

20apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | LondonDownstairs At the Dome

21apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | SouthamptonThe Joiners

23apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | NottinghamRescue Rooms

24apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | LeedsKey Club

25apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | GlasgowGarage Attic

26apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | ManchesterStar And Garter

27apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | BirminghamAsylum 2

28apr7:00 pmKill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024 | BrightonDust

Back to the tour, MetalTalk will be there on the second night Downstairs At The Dome. After the journey since The Sinner, this is one show I am really looking forward to.

“We are just really excited,” James says. “We’ll be flying in a week before, so we will practice for a full week prior to the start. We all practice on our own, but we always do a full week of band rehearsal prior to a tour just to make sure everything’s dialled in.”

This deserves to be a success. Death Melodies is a really special album. Is there any message for the fans?

“We’re just really excited,” James says. “We would love to see all your pretty faces and shake your hands. I mean, bring a friend. Let’s have a good time.

“We just can’t wait to play for people. We’re trying to really push the message around taking care of each other. The Metal community is a wonderful place, and a lot of us find ourselves in this space because it’s a community that lifts up people. We take care of each other.

“I think this album talks about that, so let’s share that. Again, the message is if you’re struggling in life, reach out, get out, get help and ask for help.

“I think we’re all there for each other, and we should be there for each other. But come and chat with us at the shows. We want to meet you all, say hi, and share your stories.”

Kill The Lights – Death Melodies – For tour tickets and album details, visit here.

Kill The Lights - The Death Melodies Tour 2024
Kill The Lights – The Death Melodies Tour 2024

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