Kev Riddles’ Baphomet to revisit Angel Witch NWOBHM classics

Kev Riddles’ Baphomet is the name of a new band put together by the former Angel Witch bassist, who will be revisiting his association with the NWOBHM legends by performing tracks live. Kev was a member of the group between 1978 and 1981.

Riddles featured on the influential debut Angel Witch along with guitarist Kevin Heybourne and drummer Dave Hogg. The album was released in 1980 and soon received critical acclaim. Sounds reviewer Malcolm Dome loved the album for its “aggressiveness mixed with melody” and declared it the “album of the year” together with Girlschool’s Demolition.

Along with its eponymous signature tune Angel Witch, the album also featured classic tracks such as Angel Of Death, Devils Tower, White Witch and the minor hit single Sweet Danger.

The new band takes its name from the track Baphomet, the fan favourite featured on the NWOBHM compilation album Metal For Muthas, released in 1980.

Kev Riddles left Angel Witch in 1981 to form Tytan. He is still involved with Tytan, and they are currently working on a new album.

Angel Witch and Tytan founding member Kev Riddles is joined in Baphomet by Richie Wicks (ex Angel Witch/Tygers of Pang Tang), Garry “Magpie” Bowler (Medicine Hat/Satan’s Empire) and Peter Welsh (Snakebite/Tytan).

The band have the blessing of Kevin Heybourne, who continues to front his own modern-day version of Angel Witch.

Kev Riddles’ Baphomet will only be a touring band performing tracks from the first self-titled album and a few other songs from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era that Riddles was involved with.

Kev Riddles’s Baphomet can be contacted for booking enquiries via bigkev12@btinternet.com

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