Ice-T / Talking about Body Count’s ‘No Lives Matter’

3 August 2020

Ice-T has been explaining why the track ‘No Lives Matter’, which originally appeared on the Body Count album ‘Bloodlust’, is vitally important, even in the three years following its initial release.

Speaking with ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ Ice-T says: “I say it doesn’t matter what colour you are — black, brown, red, poor whites, that they call ‘trash’…. when it comes to the poor, nobody is important. No lives matter.”

Body Count have re-released the song to radio, and Ice-T explained: “We thought we would put it back out, because people wanted something that was dealing with the times and it’s a very important song.”

The latest Body Count album is Carnivore, which was released in March this year on Century Media.

You can watch the interview with The Tonight Show and the original video for the song below.

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