How to promote your band online in 2022 (on a budget)

Nowadays, everybody has a side hustle. You all want to know the best ways to advertise your band, and how to promote online without spending tens of thousands.

Well, there’s a reason there are a million promoting companies out there today because the internet has made it so easy to do. So, yes, there’s lots of competition when online promoting. But with a little consistent effort and some imagination, billions of potential customers are within reach.

So, read on and find out how to promote a band online – with little or no financial investment required.

Social Media

We all know about social media today. It’s been the best way to advertise your band for a long time! And it’s (mostly) free!


However, the days of slapping a few pictures up on Facebook and getting 10,000+ likes and numerous sales? They’re long gone. Nowadays, the game is different and probably even a little harder. But that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

Social media is still a fantastic way to promote your band – whatever it is. You’d be silly to miss out on it just because the modern market is a bit confusing. Put in the effort, and you will see rewards.


The fastest growing social media app in the world is TikTok. Simply, if your band isn’t on it – they should be. It is the best way to advertise your band in the modern market.

Yes, it’s (allegedly) owned by the Chinese government and mines your data. Yes, it’s creating a culture of short-form content that hurts attention spans.

But people love it. And so, if you want the biggest share of the market to see your products, TikTok it is.

You will, however, need to think about your content a bit. Interesting and fun short-form videos are the absolute minimum. Our top tips:

● Spend a lot of time thinking about the first few seconds of your video. Make it visually appealing from the get-go. On average, you get about 1-2 seconds before a viewer decides they want to keep watching or scroll on.
● TikTok audience skews younger, so keep that in mind.
● Create an alternate account and watch a lot of successful band’s TikToks for ideas.
● Try to understand meme culture a bit (a big ask, but give it a go).

Instagram and Facebook

Bands can still get a lot of value from Instagram. Certain niche bands can still do well on Facebook, but most brands and companies today focus on Instagram.

It has a very broad market range – the broadest of all the social media platforms currently. It features a mix of video, image and audio content, making it a great way to advertise your band for all kinds of music loving fans.

Paid Ads

Having said all that – Facebook Ads is still king. Because it manages paid ads for both Meta companies, you will need to have an account here if you want to post paid ads on Instagram.

And paid ads are one of the best ways to advertise your band. Still!
You can boost a post on Instagram easily. However, this doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of customisation and analysis that you get from the Facebook ads system.

The possibilities for targeted ads that are hyper-relevant to your niche are huge here. It’s complicated, but it’s worth looking into, as it can still be one of the best ways of promoting your band.

While you’re starting out, it can be expensive though, but you can push those costs down quickly as you learn. Also, make sure to spend more on Instagram.

Either way, though, you’ll be spending a bit more than what it costs to have a bit of fun at one of the sites from our $2 deposit casino review in MindepCasinos!

Influencer Marketing

Back to it – influencer marketing is paying someone more successful on social media than you to promote your band.

This used to offer an unbelievable return in the early days of Instagram, but as the public has become wiser to this method, it’s become less effective.

But certain niches can 100% still see amazing results from it. It’s still among the top-tier ways of advertising for your brand, if you’re in the field of cosmetics, supplements, clothing etc.

Anything visually interesting makes for a good social media influencer post. Just don’t set your sights very high if you’ve got a low budget. Search around and find the ideal candidate, and work with them for the best ideas on how to promote the band – they are the expert here, after all!

Online (Google and SEO)

For many, many people around the world – search engines (usually Google) are the number one way of finding info on a product or service. That makes them the key way to promote bands online for many musicians.

Social media might get all the flashy attention. But learning to game the Google algorithm, aka Search Engine Optimisation, is a cheap way to promote bands through organic search traffic.

SEO is a huge topic and career for many people, with entire books and courses dedicated to it. So, we won’t do much good summarising it here.

But a few key terms to Google and think about include:
● Keywording – what your clients are searching for
● Response time – how fast and efficient is your website
● CTR (click through rates) – how appealing is the snippet text people see on Google?
● Fulfilling the visitors’ needs – do I have all the important information available on the homepage?

These are just a few small things to start looking at when it comes to SEO and Google Ads. You came here asking, “help me with promoting my band”, and we hope we provided a few good starting points.

There’s a lot to learn and many people to learn from, so go out and get inspired.

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