How Listening to Heavy Metal Music Affects Essay Writing Activity

To study effectively and get good grades, you have to develop a wide range of skills. And this includes excellent essay writing. Writing a research paper, persuasive essay or term paper is not a walk in the park. This is especially true for students who are taking additional courses or have a part-time job. If you want to develop and improve your creativity and writing skills, you’ll have to invest a lot of time and energy.

As the popular saying goes, nothing good comes easy. To make your essay writing process easy, we have a simple solution for you – listen to heavy metal music. Some students are not usually productive in quiet environments. They love listening to background noises while writing. In this article, we are going to show you how listening to heavy metal music affects essay writing activity.

Music and the human brain

Various research studies have found that music can activate different sections of the human brain and lead to a boost in productivity and performance. So, how does this work? Researchers believe that when you listen to music, your mind becomes more creative and you improve your concentration. Music can help you during stressful times, such as when you are working on a complex paper or the deadline is around the corner.

When should you listen to music to improve essay writing?

Some activities that are linked to writing require a calm environment. This is especially true when you want to concentrate. For instance, you should avoid listening to music when you are proofreading and editing your paper. Heavy metal music comes in handy when you are brainstorming. Listening to music will help you come up with lots of creative ideas. You should listen to a wide range of tracks to start thinking out of the box. Listening to music will not only help you in essay writing but also in other areas of your life.

Benefits of listening to heavy metal music

1. It boosts focus

Numerous studies have shown the effect of music on the concentration of students. Heavy metal music can help in eliminating stress, and procrastination, and improve focus. There are a lot of tracks that you can listen to thanks to rapid technological advancement. Endurance and focus are an amazing combination. However, if your mind tends to wander when you are writing an essay, music and essay writing service uk are your remedy.

2. You’ll have a fun study session

We cannot deny how dull college life would be without good music. A little bit of heavy metal music is all you need to get a boost of confidence and keep on keeping on. When you listen to heavy metal music, your mind releases dopamine which makes you feel happy, motivated, and relaxed. You cannot get good grades in essay writing if you are feeling, tired, and bored.

3. It reduces anxiety

A recent study conducted by YouGov found that one in four college students in the UK suffers from mental health issues. Among the participants, exam stress and anxiety were most common. More than 70 percent of them cited essay writing as their main source of anxiety. With the amount of pressure that most college students are under, this statistic shouldn’t surprise you. According to Cambridge University Professors, listening to heavy metal music and seeking essay help can have an uplifting effect on students. And this will help them manage and deal with these mental issues in a better way.

4. It exercises the brain

Most tutors encourage college students to exercise regularly to improve their health. However, very few people talk about the benefits of exercising the brain. Like other body organs, the brain grows old. Without maintenance, it can age rapidly. You can take care of your brain by solving puzzles, reading, writing, and listening to heavy metal music. According to professor Brenda Hanna, musical activity exercises the brain and prepares it for challenges in the future. Students who listen to music regularly tend to have healthy brains and are less likely to suffer from dangerous diseases such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. You can start exercising your brain now to achieve your academic and career goals easily.

5. It improves memory

Have you ever wondered why you have an easier time memorizing the lyrics of your favorite song than math formulas or chemical elements? This is because your brain is always looking for patterns to understand, process, and recall information. Earworm occurs when a song gets stuck in your head for a long period and you can’t stop singing. This is a great way to improve your memory. Most study courses start with music to make it easier for your brain to remember. Music trains your brain to latch on to patterns and grasp concepts quickly.


Listening to heavy metal music can improve your studying and essay writing activity. Take care not to be too distracted by the sweet melodies that you forget about reading and writing. Which tracks are you going to listen to today while writing your essay?

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