Heart Attack sign with Atomic Fire, teasing two great songs

Heart Attack, the fresh modern Thrash Metal band from France, recently signed with Atomic Fire Records and released the new track Septic Melody. The band have followed this up with the splendidly tasteful Wings Of Judgement. Both tracks are taken from their upcoming album Negative Sun, set for a 10 June 2022 release.

“When we heard that Atomic Fire Records was interested in signing Heart Attack,” vocalist and guitarist Kevin Geyer said, “it was a great emotion for the band. We were really honoured that such important people in the music industry believe in a band like us from the South of France.

“The Atomic Fire team made us feel confident. They are really excellent, responsive, and understanding people with a good sense of humour. It’s a pleasure to work with them and to feel so supported. It’s an incredible opportunity to work with them, and we are very happy with this collaboration.”

Septic Melody was the Heart Attack debut on Atomic Fire Records. It is an impressive example of the band’s style of matching great melodies with thrash fury.

“We wrote the music for Septic Melody during the first lockdown,” the band said, “and we had a lot of rage and frustration to release.” The song is about the inner struggle and despair humankind can face when confronted with life’s trials or other happenings that crush the world around you.

The video for Sceptic Melody was filmed at the Roman Arena in Frejus, southern France, which was built in the first century. “This arena has such a magical atmosphere with its native sound of the drums,” Heart Attack said. The film’s masked characters in the video personify misfortune and drive the principal character to madness. “Shooting the video there was so strong, like playing live in front of a festival stage, it was incredible.”

The second Atomic Fire Records released song is Wings Of Judgement, raw, with an epic, almost symphonic atmosphere. The guitar solo is rather spectacular. “Wings Of Judgement stands trial to a sound made from overwhelming fury counterbalanced with sharp melodies and solos,” Kevin Geyer says. “An anthem to the balance between beauty and rage.”

This video was filmed in the Opera de Nice, France. “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the dancers Ginevra Demasi and Bboy Microbe, to the staff of the Opera de Nice and its director Mr Bertrand Rossi,” the band said. “Without their open-mindedness, dedication, and kindness, none of this would have been possible.”

Heart Attack

Kevin Geyer – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Christophe Icard – Drums

Chris Cesari – Lead Guitar, Keyboards

William Ribeiro – Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals

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