Over the years, more than a few country songs relating to the imperfect joys of gambling have been churned out to our everlasting delight. However, most don’t seem to know that there are quite a few Metal and hard rock songs about gambling that praise or revile the age-old activity. Some of these songs are quite famous, while others contain insane riffs and instantly recognizable lyrics.

Here is a choice pick of such songs:

Motor On Dear Motörhead – ‘Ace Of Spades by Motörhead has to be by far the most iconic and earthshaking gambling-themed song on the globe. As can be expected, it is readily identifiable. The song was released in 1980 and was an immediate hit with listeners. It is all about a gambler who is under the impression that his luck will always hold. As one of the most famous songs ever, ‘Aces Of Spades’ has been covered many times without number and has been performed everywhere on this planet.

Gambler Meets Angel – ‘The Angel And The Gambler’ is a song by Iron Maiden. Released in 1998, it tells of the inviolable hold that the gambling world holds on the mind and was incredibly popular back then and now. Some avid listeners looking for meaning in the song’s lyrics took it to mean that the band members of Iron Maiden were under the grip of addictions too dark and numerous to mention. Whether this interpretation is right or otherwise does not really matter.

Holy Smokes – ‘Smoke On The Water’ by Deep Purple is a song that cannot be mistaken for any other. It has a very enchanting melody and is actually based on a true-life event that involved the accidental burning down of a venue they were playing, after a besotted or crazy fan fired a flare gun at the stage.

Train Of Megadeth – ‘Train Of Consequences’ is a song by Megadeth. The theme was all about how gambling affects not just the individual but the society as well. In 1994, the song made its way to the public as a single on the acclaimed ‘Youthanasia’ album. As Megadeth was all about Thrash Metal, the theme explored by this single gave the lie to the impression held by the society that the Thrash Metal genre was mindless and trashy.

Poker Face, Now Or Later – ‘Poker Face’ was a great song by the equally great Lady Gaga. It was released in 2008 to critical acclaim and has won more awards that one have ever thought. Finnish Metal Steve N’ Seagulls later put together a cover of this song that just about defies belief. In the cover, the theme was changed from bisexuality to gambling, which is both cute and orgasmic.

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