Francis Rossi cancels fifteen Talk tour 2021 dates

15 June 2021

Francis Rossi has been forced to cancel fifteen dates of his Talk tour 2021 due to the delay in easing  COVID-19 restrictions. The Stamford show on 30 June has been rescheduled to 1 September, while remaining dates between 29 June and 18 July (Margate to Stockport) are cancelled, and refunds are available with immediate effect.

Updated: 12:15 – The Stamford show on 30 June has been rescheduled to 1 September 2021.

Francis says, “Of course, I am extremely disappointed to have to cancel these dates, but there really is no other course of action open at present.

“I am sure that the fans will understand, and I look forward to getting on the road for the remaining dates.”

Venues are congested to 2022, and there is insufficient availability to make rescheduling possible, apart from the Stamford show. Please contact the local venues to receive your refund.

The rest of the tour from the show on 19 July in Wolverhampton until the last night in Winchester on 5 September are unaffected and will continue as planned.

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