Dio Alumni Craig Goldy and Vinny Appice back with Resurrection Kings

Resurrection Kings, featuring Craig Goldy, Vinny Appice and Chas West, will release their second album, ‘Skygazer’, on 16 July 2021 through Frontiers.

Goldy told MetalTalk: “We all brought our ‘A’ game to the making of this album. With the freedom to utilise the music we were all influenced by that started our musical endeavours to begin with. Hopefully, we expanded upon them in a way that will, in turn, inspire another generation of listeners to start a similar journey.”

Joining the trio again is Alessandro Del Vecchio, who has produced and co-written the album. The feel of the album again follows the mix of ’70s and ’80s hard Rock/Metal feelings, with the title track ‘Skygazer’ available to hear below.

Of the song, Goldy says: “it started out with a drum groove sent to me by Vinny. His unequalled playing style automatically inspired the music, and then [producer and keyboardist] Alessandro Del Vecchio wrote most of the melody lines and lyrics.

“Besides the music, I wrote the melody and lyrics for two pre-choruses that sum up the song’s meaning. It is a metaphor for the lengths to which our nations’ leaders will go to acquire, keep or grab more power for their own ambitions.

“That leaves us in their wake asking what measures are needed to defend ourselves. All of this comes at what price, though?”

Skygazer – Tracklisting

1  Skygazer
2  World’s On Fire
3  Tears
4  Fight Against Our Pride
5  Angry Demons
6  Savior Of Souls
7  Don’t Blame Our Love
8  Is This The End
9  Troubled Soul
10  Set Me On Fire
11  Calling All Angels

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Resurrection Kings

Chas West – vocals
Craig Goldy – guitars, keyboards, bass
Vinny Appice – drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio – production, bass and keyboards

Sleeve Notes

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