Derek Riggs to resurrect Paul Di’Anno in new unique package

Legendary artist Derek Riggs, who drew Eddie holding the chopped-off head Paul Di’Anno on the Venezuelan version of the Maiden Japan EP, is to raise the former Iron Maiden singer from the dead and give him the chance of a new life on two feet in a unique package.

Paul Di’Anno is currently in Croatia awaiting three major surgeries on his knees, and although Iron Maiden has funded the remaining costs of the treatment, the Metal community continues to rally around Di’Anno to support his recovery and rehabilitation.

Iron Maiden, Maiden Japan. Venezuelan cover
Venezuelan cover of Maiden Japan EP

Derek Riggs, working with Maiden Croatia, is to produce new artwork to be printed on a t-shirt, along with a special certificate, which will go on pre-sale on 1 August 2022 from https://www.maidencroatia.com/riggs/

While in Croatia, Di’Anno formed a new project called Warhorse and, having recorded three songs, has released two, Stop The War and The Doubt Within as a special DVD single along with a special video message.

Included in the package is a special t-shirt, designed by Robert Štivičić, Crusader Art, made for Di’Anno’s first concert in seven years, which was held in Zagreb. For more details visit https://www.maidencroatia.com/warhorse/

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