Death To False AOR – Night Flight Orchestra club shows to honour David Andersson

The Night Flight Orchestra will honour the memory of guitarist David Andersson in Death To False AOR, a mini European club tour in November. Andersson died this week, aged 47.

“September 14th, in the year of 2022, will be a date that none of us will ever forget,” the band said. “Our guitarist David Andersson shut his eyes forever. It was the day we’ve all dreaded for quite some time. Our hearts are grieving.”

David Andersson and Björn Strid. Photo: Steve Ritchie
David Andersson and Björn Strid. Photo: Steve Ritchie

The band explained how David gave his blessing to vocalist Björn Strid. “As Björn went to visit David for the last time at the hospital, he gave him the blessing to continue the musical journey that they both embarked on some 12 years ago.

“Despite David’s fairly long absence from the band as a touring member, we’ve had an amazing and busy summer with unforgettable shows.

“However, there’s one thing we haven’t done in a long time: playing club shows. We can’t see a better way to celebrate David’s life and music than to embark on this mini European tour in November that we’ve been planning for quite a while. We encourage you to join us in this celebration and dance the night away.

“This winged and nocturnal journey must continue. In David’s honour, we’ve also named the tour Death To False AOR. He would’ve loved that – cause if there’s one thing he loathed, it was false and non-organic AOR.”

Death to false AOR - Night Flight Orchestra
Death To False AOR – Night Flight Orchestra
David Andersson, Night Flight Orchestra.
David Andersson, Night Flight Orchestra. Photo: Steve Ritchie

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