Swiss Metal maestros Cellar Darling are to play a live gig in your home on Sunday 5th April.

Well not exactly – Anna, Ivo and Merlin are putting on an exclusive, live-streamed performance from Anna’s studio, Soundfarm Studio in Switzerland, to bring their show to you after their tour dates were inevitably cancelled due to the current crisis that has affected so many.

The performance takes place at 7.00pm UK Time and can be accessed at the Cellar Darling website

Tickets are pay-what-you-want, and if you can’t afford to contribute, you’re welcome to watch for free. Contributions, i.e. ticket sales, are under way right now and anyone contributing €15 or more will receive an autographed card as a thank you.

The band tell us:

“There’s no beating around the bush: we need your help. Today’s cancellation of our European tour with Turilli/Lione Rhapsody follows that of our shows in February and March. This means that we, like many artists and self-employed entertainment professionals, face a total loss of income of at least three months, without sick leave and without government assistance, at least thus far. Our very survival as a band is on the line.

“But it’s not just artists who suffer, but all of you, too. Everyone’s life is being impacted, and we think it’s time for some positive distraction on the interwebs. That’s why we are going to set up our gear at Anna’s studio and play for you in your living rooms.

“Needless to say, we will be taking any and all necessary safety measures, including minimising the number of people involved. Only people close to each other and who interact regardless while observing current best practices (because of personal circumstances, such as living together, or because of pressing work relationships) will be in close physical proximity.”

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