ARCHIVE: Motörhead’s Lemmy Furious With Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame For Losing Valuable Ace Of Spades Jacket

Motörhead mainman Lemmy Kilmister is furious at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when they virtually ignored them. 'They even lost my Ace Of Spades tour jacket.'

ARCHIVE: Jon Dette – Pulling A Slayer / Anthrax Double Shift

Interview - Jon Dette - Stepping in to help out a percussionless Anthrax, when Lombardogate blew up a week later, thrash titans Slayer lacked a timekeeper too.

ARCHIVE: Tax The Heat: ‘Fed To The Lions’

Tax The Heat are very much a modern British band with a solid slab of classic rock 'n' roll sensibility. the new album is Fed To The Lions.

ARCHIVE: Inmoria Interview: ‘Delving Deep’

Interview - Inmoria are a fantastically accomplished dark Metal band who delight in providing their fans with an experience that will not easily be forgotten

ARCHIVE: Massive Wagons Announce New Album And UK Tour

27 June 2014. Two years of relentless playing and Massive Wagons have earned their reputation among the top live bands in the UK. new album is Fight The System.

ARCHIVE: Wishing Well / Chasing Rainbows heavily influenced from the past

Wishing Well - Chasing Rainbows (Inverse Records) - 5th February 2016. Musically heavily influenced from the past but it is never in danger of sounding dated

ARCHIVE: Absolva / Anthems To The Dead And Highbury Garage, London


ARCHIVE: Ian Hunter And The Rant Band: ‘When I’m President’

Backed by excellent backing group, The Rant Band, Ian Hunter has put together eleven new songs for the When I'm President album. A consistently high standard

ARCHIVE: Brazilian Blowout At Metal Open Air With Band Contracts Breached

The Metal Open Air 2012, dubbed 'The Brazilian Wacken' by Nando Souza, turned into a complete disaster most bands pulling out, including Saxon, due to breaches of contract

ARCHIVE: Peter Tagtgren Interview At 70000 Tons Of Metal

MetalTalk caught up with Peter Tagtgren from Pain, Hypocrisy and many more besides, aboard the 70000 Tons Of Metal floating festival where Pain were appearing.

ARCHIVE: Slayer To Perform ‘Reign In Blood’ At Only UK Show Of 2012

25 April 2012. Slayer feature on the weekend of 25th-27th May 2012 at Alexandra Palace, London, when All Tomorrow's Parties present the second UK I'll Be Your Mirror festival.

ARCHIVE: Huge Gotthard demand causes A record re-Entry in Swiss charts

23rd October 2010. Zurich - The tragic death of Gotthard singer Steve Lee has triggered a record demand for the band's albums.

ARCHIVE: Good Thinking record tribute to Warrior Soul drummer

Good Thinking, from East London, have recorded a single in tribute to late drummer Mark Evans. First Published 24 March 2011.

Walkway Make A Triumphant Second Visit To The Rock Den

Although the Sun now bows to the Moon and we walk into Autumn, there was certainly no fall in The Rock Den's standards last month as three more top bands, Isolation, Still Remains UK and Walkway, took to the stage.

Abolishment Of Flesh – Unhuman Condition | MetalTalk

Texan extreme Death Metal machine Abolishment Of Flesh have been working steadily towards this debut full length for the best part of a decade, weathering multiple line-up changes, dropping an EP back in 2012 and now finally delivering 'The Inhuman Condition', and what a brutal face ripper it is.

Hunny Claire Moat: Asking The Headmaster For His Autograph

Magic beings, not magic beans I explained to my friend. She's got visions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Ogres and Rock 'n' Roll. She's not far off... keep taking the tablets -...

Archive: New Judas Priest Line-Up Play For The First Time On American Idol

The new line-up of Judas Priest with Richie Faulkner on guitar performed for the first time on Wednesday's (25 May 2011) American Idol finale.They hit the stage with James Durbin, the 22-year-old...

Metal Is Alive In Iraq With Dark Phantom Playing In A Nation Of Dogs

So, it's 2007 and cousins Murad and Rebeen get together with a couple of friends from college and start a band, firstly playing thrash/death covers before beginning to write their own material."As...
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