Archive / A Tribute To Legends Of Rock: Great Yarmouth

Legends Of Rock. Get ready for the ultimate rockstravaganza! Join thousands of fans for days of music and madness at the sold-out festival in Great Yarmouth

Noel Wyatt S.O.C / Chapter Five: Welcome To The Jungle

Join 'Ratty' on his wild ride through the rock and roll world as a roadie and self-proclaimed slut, and discover how he landed his first gig with Sanctuary Music.

Archive / Behemoth Return To Headline Bloodstock Friday Night

ARCHIVE: Behemoth have announced an exclusive UK festival appearance at Bloodstock Open Air 2012.

Archive: Hammerfall: O2 Academy Islington, London

Archive: Hammerfall set Islington Academy's hearts on fire! This polished Swedish metal band will blow you away with their powerful vocals and great songs.

Archive: Lee Pistolero Quits The Gypsy Pistoleros On Album Launch Party Day

First Published 11th April 2012. Gypsy Pistoleros have a major drama unfolding this morning as founder member Gypsy Lee Pistolero has announced his departure from the band on the day of their album launch party in London's St Moritz club.

Pearl Handled Revolver: Interview And Gig Review, Cambridge Rock Festival 2014

ARCHIVE: Pearl Handled Revolver, a heavy blues psychedelia band that enchants audiences with their sexy grooves and dirty riffs. Report from Cambridge Rock Festival 2014

ARCHIVE: Jennifer Haben Of Beyond The Black interview

ARCHIVE: German symphonic Metallers Beyond The Black talk to MetalTalk about their resilient journey, new album 'Lost In Forever', forthcoming tour with Epica and Powerwolf

ARCHIVE: Epica Have Glasgow Dancing In A Hurricane Of Symphonic Metal

Discover the highs and lows of the Epica, Myrkur, and Oceans Of Slumber gig at Glasgow's O2 ABC venue. Read on for an honest review of the night's rock and roll action.

Noel Wyatt S.O.C / Chapter Four: The Neighbour Of The Beast

Join the unforgettable journey of a crew member's first Iron Maiden tour in 1986. From meeting the legendary rockers to cruising for chicks, read all about it in this exciting memoir.

Noel Wyatt S.O.C / Chapter Three: We Will Rock You

Join Noel Wyatt on his journey to rock and roll fame as he recounts how Jacky changed his life and led him to the biggest mistake he ever made.

Noel Wyatt S.O.C / Chapter Two: So you wanna be a rock star?

Noel Wyatt S.O.C / Chapter Two: So you wanna be a rock star?

Noel Wyatt S.O.C. / Chapter One: Rip Jim Morrison

Noel Wyatt S.O.C. / Aka 'Ratty' Chapter One: Rip Jim MorrisonFirst Published: 1 March 2012

ARCHIVE: Motörhead’s Lemmy Furious With Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame For Losing Valuable Ace Of Spades Jacket

Motörhead mainman Lemmy Kilmister is furious at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame when they virtually ignored them. 'They even lost my Ace Of Spades tour jacket.'

ARCHIVE: Jon Dette – Pulling A Slayer / Anthrax Double Shift

Interview - Jon Dette - Stepping in to help out a percussionless Anthrax, when Lombardogate blew up a week later, thrash titans Slayer lacked a timekeeper too.

ARCHIVE: Tax The Heat: ‘Fed To The Lions’

Tax The Heat are very much a modern British band with a solid slab of classic rock 'n' roll sensibility. the new album is Fed To The Lions.

ARCHIVE: Inmoria Interview: ‘Delving Deep’

Interview - Inmoria are a fantastically accomplished dark Metal band who delight in providing their fans with an experience that will not easily be forgotten

ARCHIVE: Massive Wagons Announce New Album And UK Tour

27 June 2014. Two years of relentless playing and Massive Wagons have earned their reputation among the top live bands in the UK. new album is Fight The System.

ARCHIVE: Wishing Well / Chasing Rainbows heavily influenced from the past

Wishing Well - Chasing Rainbows (Inverse Records) - 5th February 2016. Musically heavily influenced from the past but it is never in danger of sounding dated
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