Cambion have released an absolute beast of an album

International Blackened Death Metal project Cambion were inspired by the likes of early Slayer and early millennium evil Death Metal, such as Krisiun, Angelcorpse, Hate Eternal and Ophiolatry.

They were created with the aim of delivering speed-obsessed blasphemous Death Metal in 2013 by Thorben Rathje and Rich Osmond, dropping their two track ‘Scourge of Power’ EP in 2017.

If that gem, which is still available as a digital download, caught your ear you will know they have already achieved that aim.

Cambion – Conflagrate The Celestial Refugium (Lavadome Productions)

Release Date: 26 March 2021

Words:  Jools Green

Even better news is that they are back with ‘Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium’, their debut studio full length and having heard both, in my opinion this album leaves the EP standing, even though “Scourge of Power” is a hard act to follow.

For a start, it featured the legendary drum battery of Dizazter (Impiety/The Furor) but for ‘Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium’ they have a new secret weapon in their armoury in the form of “human cyclone” Chason Westmoreland (ex-Hate Eternal) whose fast but beautifully fluid work behind the kit suits the ‘Cambion’ sound perfectly, adding a great deal of depth and texture to the sound.

‘Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium’ is one of those jaw dropping albums that I always look forward to crossing my path. It is pure power and energy set to music and it sounds superb.

Cover of Cambion - Conflagrate The Celestial Refugium

The seven track, thirty five minute release is a blistering, adrenalin fuelled onslaught from the maniacal opening brute ‘Vae Victis’.

This does take a dark groovy downturn from midway, but only to allow for an abundance of utterly bonkers, head spinning shreds to punch their way through.

In between you have the insane delights of the bands “theme tune”, ‘Cambion’, followed by ‘Cities of Brass’ ,‘Eiton Euclarion’ which tails away with sinister intent towards the even more manic ‘Impact Steel’ with its midpoint driving riffs which approach with menace, heralding the next wave of shreds, and the pounding drive of ‘Fatalitism’.

All of which combine to make up an unrelenting and insidious wall of squealing shreds, head spinning, sometimes filthy riffs and vitriolic vocals, all the way to the closing nine and three quarter minute album monster ‘Obscuratio’.

This is a different beast altogether with its slow smouldering and sinister build, elevating to evil spiralling riffing building in momentum like a riff tornado, peppered with shreds and tantalising drum patterns. It becomes  increasingly crazy and it is only when you get past five minutes or so you suddenly realise, holy hell, this is going to be a marathon instrumental!!

It ends on a fading guitar squeal as the dust finally settles.

‘Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium’ is an absolute beast.

Prepare to be knocked to the ground with this album.

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