#BlackLivesMatter Starting A Musical Revolution: What Should We Learn About BLM

If you ask numerous people right now about the BLM movement, they wouldn’t tell you much. They actually think it started after the death of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. As a matter of fact, the movement started back in 2012. So, why did Black Lives Matter first start? It began with the murder of a young black man, Trayvon Martin. The organization speaks against police brutality. Its main agenda is to put an end to systemic racism in the community. There are many instances of inequalities affecting people of colour.

Most people of colour are in the low-income bracket. They face problems in finding jobs. When they do, they earn less than white workers. This is always a subject of discussion in colleges. There are over 100+ essays on Black Lives Matter for college students. It is important to talk about such issues in school for kids to be aware of what’s happening at an early age. You can get a free essay sample from various online platforms to learn more about the subject. It was George Floyd’s murder that really facilitated the growth of the movement. This tragic incident of police brutality sparked the largest protests by the Black Lives Matter community around the globe. In the U.S., there were demonstrations across every state. All 50 states and more than 700 cities were involved. The movement grew even more with the protests. This saw more than 15 countries included as well.

With a movement that large, other industries have felt the impact as well. One of them is the entertainment sector. The BLM organization has also found its way into music from the protests worldwide. Since Floyd’s case, many people have come out in different capacities to help the cause. From bands and musicians to record labels, everyone is trying to help the organization.

Black Lives Matter and Music

It is quite understandable when movements like the BLM are learned in colleges. It is part of academic studies. In universities, such matters are under courses like Folklore and Ethnomusicology. Students even write essays on the subject as part of their assignments. The U.S. has a rich history when it comes to the relationship between music and social movements. Examples of the songs associated with movements include:

● Union Maid by Woody Guthrie. This was during the days of establishing labour unions.
● If I had a hammer by Pete Seeger. This was an anti-war song.
● A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke. A song for civil rights activism.

These are some of the powerful songs that people would sing in solidarity. This was to unite them during the tough times. Such records are preserved as monuments for the tough moments they endured. These songs will always remain evergreen. Future activists can use them as references or inspiration.

The movement is huge in the black community. This is why the most outspoken people are popular artists from the hip-hop and pop genres. Musicians such as Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé have released songs on this subject. There have been performances in various cities across the U.S.A. Through such events, awareness grows with each day that passes. Several artists from the Metal genre have also been touched by the movement’s activities. They are also offering help in their own different ways.

Black Lives Matter and Metal Music

This is also another music genre that has shown support for the BLM movement. Metal might not be as popular as pop or hip-hop. But, it enjoys a massive following in Europe and some areas in America. Most people always link this type of music to the white community. Seeing a Metal band supporting the Black Lives Matter organization can come as a surprise. Well, you would be stunned how many nice people are into heavy music. Those who believe that humanity should come first before any differences.

There are also people who think it’s okay for their popular Metal band to say something racist and get away with it. We shouldn’t keep quiet and allow this to continue. Below are a few examples of Metal bands that have shown support for the movement. Their contributions are through donating money, mutual aid, or bail funds.

● Couch Slut
● Vile creature
● Wailin storms
● Jesus piece
● Harm’s way

Sometimes, ignorance can be praised as an extreme virtue for some Heavy Metal followers. This is why most people view it as a complicated genre. But it looks like times have changed, and those days are gone. More bands are continuing to join and support the truth about black lives matter.


The life of a person should not be taken as a joke. Whether they are black or white, racism should not have a place in society. No state should let it win, and police brutality should be a thing of the past by now. Unfortunately, this is a vice that people still have to deal with. For humanity to prevail, we must all join hands and work together.

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