Big River / Don’t Hold Out is a cross between The Quireboys and a Hawaiian beach party

2 September 2021

UK blues rockers Big River have just released their much anticipated new single Don’t Hold Out on all platforms. Sounding like a breezy cross between The Quireboys and a Hawaiian beach party, it’s a winner.

Featuring the debut of new vocalist Adam Barron (ex Mick Ralphs Blues Band and semi-finalist on U.K. TV show The Voice), who incidentally also wrote the track, Don’t Hold Out is an old school classic rock song with a summer vibe and a catchy hook.

“I love my family, I love my friends, and I love life,” Adam says, “even with all the complications and shit that comes with it. I really believe we have to grab any and every bit of joy we can take every day because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. The last couple of years have indeed shown us that, and that’s what this song is about.”

In the tried and tested format that fans have come to expect from Big River, the track was recorded completely live on an analogue desk, giving the song a retro sound that harks back to the bands that influence Big River, with Jim Riley producing that familiar wall of sound.

Big River returned to playing live shows this month, and guitarist and bandleader Damo Fawsett told MetalTalk what it felt like to be back playing in front of a live crowd of fans again.

“We played A New Day Festival in Faversham yesterday,” Damo says. “We opened on the main stage before Inglorious and had a blast! It’s great to be back, and our new vocalist Adam Barron just fits the band so well and has taken us to a higher level. Our new material was very well received, and we spent the rest of the day signing merch for a very appreciative crowd. It’s great to be back.”

Big River are currently working on their second album and preparing for tour dates in Summer / Autumn 2021.

Big River are: Adam Barron (vocals), Damo Fawsett (guitar), Ant Wellman (bass), Joe Martin (drums).

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