Beneath The Embers / Condemned is an enticingly brutal Metalcore/Thrash debut

On the 4th of November, Beneath The Embers bought out their first full-length studio album, Condemned. Founded in 2016 by frontman Lewis Rowland and lead guitarist Clint Bredin, they later added Spencer Churchill on drums, Liam Gloster on bass and Quentin Radburn on rhythm guitar. The guys wasted no time writing material and touring the U.K. before getting signed to the independent label Oakfield Records.

Beneath The Embers – Condemned

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Lawrence Potter

In 2017 they released their first E.P, Ashes, which was followed by a string of headline tours which subsequently launched the band’s notoriety around the country and helped form a dedicated fanbase. Blending brutal Metalcore elements with Thrash together has created a distinctive sound that has propelled this band among the top-tier independent Metallers of the region and beyond, and with the brand-new album, it seems the sky is the limit for this Essex-based group.

Beneath The Embers - Cover of Condemned

With this release, Beneath The Embers wanted to better everything they’ve achieved so far, and with this mindset on board, the band recruited acclaimed producer Chris Clancy to work on the record. Chris has worked with the likes of Machine Head, Kill The lights and Kataklysm, to name a few, with exceptional results. And from the get-go, Condemned has certainly, upped the ante sound-wise with Chris’s appointment.

The opening track from the album, Contact, perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. With the sounds of guns being fired behind an orchestral track that crescendos into the band jumping in, the echoes of war remain prominent throughout.

Beneath The Embers, Colchester. 4 November 2022.
Beneath The Embers, Colchester. 4 November 2022. Photo: Lawrence Potter/MetalTalk

The theme of war that lingers during the whole album, I’m sure, is no coincidence as the band’s lead guitarist, Clint Bredin, served in the army and has certainly carried this into one of his main influences during the writing and recording process.

Seamlessly after the intro, we march full steam ahead into, Set Me Free. One of the cornerstones of Beneath The Ember’s sound has been mixing heavy riffs with beautifully crafted lead guitar parts, which really stand out in this song. Clint and Quentin have truly stepped up to the plate on the new album delivering some truly memorable moments.

The group as a whole have grown and sculpted a sound they can truly put their stamp onto. Frontman Lewis Rowland delivers a diverse and powerful vocal performance throughout, whether it be with the highest of screams or lowest of growls, yet still producing punchy choruses that’ll have you singing alongside him the whole way.

Liam doesn’t hold back with some nice bass riffs as well, as can be seen in the middle section of Drag You To The Grave, which sits nicely behind some clean guitar. In my opinion, it’s subtle aspects of a piece like this that really grab the listener and catapult it to the next level.

Beneath The Embers, Colchester. 4 November 2022.
Beneath The Embers, Colchester. 4 November 2022. Photo: Lawrence Potter/MetalTalk

If you’ve heard their previous E.P Ashes, you will notice the band has opted for a new grittier yet polished approach to their re-released songs that include arguably their biggest single to date, Drag You To The Grave. Along with Heaven And Hell Can Wait and Breaking Down The Walls, neither of these three songs loses the essence of the original versions.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable album, and if you are a fan of the range of music between Metalcore groups such as Bullet For My valentine to classic rock giants Iron Maiden like myself, then consider yourself in good hands with Beneath The Embers and Condemned.

Beneath The Embers – Condemned

  1. Contact
  2. Set Me Free
  3. Battleborn
  4. Drag You To The Grave
  5. Heaven And Hell Can Wait
  6. Undead
  7. Condemned
  8. Breaking Down The walls
  9. Lesson learned
  10. What You’ve Become
  11. Demonised
  12. Fade Away

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