Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse, A Soulful, Genre-Blending Road Trip

Hot Nostalgia Radio, the latest album from Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse, is a powerful and liberating road trip for the soul. Releasing in May, this beautifully crafted record takes the listener on a journey, using influences of rock, country, soul, and blues to assist in the wonderful storytelling that the band shares with the listener throughout this album.

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse

Hot Nostalgia Radio (Grow Vision Music & Records)

Release Date: 3 May 2024

Words: Emma Brown

What makes this album so sensational is the time, devotion and passion that the band has contributed towards the creation of these 14 tracks.

The experience and knowledge of the band’s creators, Greta Valenti and Robin Davey, have allowed for the different musical elements of this album to work in perfect harmony with each other, whether it be layering instruments together or combining genres to create something entirely new.

The beginning of the album kicks off with a bang, consisting of high energy, confident tracks that feel not only thrilling – but empowering.

Song two, Wild Woman, and song three, Satisfy Your Queen, embody the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll itself, with an attitude and feistiness that comes from a place of dynamic self-expression. These tracks are some of my personal favourites on the album, as Valenti defies society’s expectations and embraces the power coming from her inner femininity.

To add onto this, the band remains consistently brilliant throughout with tight drums, tonally stunning guitars and a range of instruments such as organs and tambourines coming in from the blues and country genres.

The album then moves onto a more blues/soul-focused middle section, and this is where I think the band’s fantastic storytelling shines through.

It is so good, in fact, that it transports the listener to the recording studio with the band, allowing you to experience the emotion alongside them.

This part of the record, with songs such as Sad When I’m Dancing and All I Could Do Was Cry, takes us to a deeper level of connection with relatable themes such as longing and loneliness. I really enjoy this part of the album, as there is such uniqueness in the raw emotion present in these tracks.

In this vulnerability, there is also strength, given to us in the most beautiful, soulful form.

Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse - Latest album, Hot Nostalgia Radio, is a powerful and liberating road trip for the soul.
Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse’s latest album, Hot Nostalgia Radio, is a powerful and liberating road trip for the soul.

The latter part of the album takes on a more country feel, and things become more lighthearted. The storm has passed, and now there is an overwhelming sense of freedom, elation and happiness. Track nine, Harder To Breathe, is one of my favourites due to its change in pace and joyful guitar.

Track thirteen, Let’s Slide, is also notable for its vibrant feel, like a sky full of sunshine after the rain. The instrumental layering in these tracks is excellent, with the last track on the album, Mama Cray, using harmonies and a big chorus finish to round off the album.

This album has a lot to boast about. But overall, it’s filled with excellent musicianship, stunning vocals, incredible storytelling and a whole lot of energy and spirit.

This record feels so well crafted. From the composition of the songs to the order of the tracks on the album, it is clear that a great deal of love and passion went into the making of Hot Nostalgia Radio.

Although I could say a million more positive things about this album, I encourage everyone to listen to and hear these wonderful tracks for themselves.

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