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First Published 21 June 2016. At 2.30pm UK time today, Tuesday 21st June 2016, Steven Tyler announced on the Howard Stern radio show on SiriusXM Radio that Aerosmith will be undertaking their Farewell Tour in 2017.

Tyler offered no more details on the Aerosmith situation.

Stand by for social media to go into overdrive and keep checking MetalTalk as we’ll have more news on this when there is some.

The flamboyant long-time Aerosmith frontman has been appearing on the Stern Show since the late 80s and he’s become a frrm show favorite, even closing out Howard’s 60th Birthday Bash with ‘Walk This Way’ and a hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Dream On’.

Throughout the years, Steven has blown away Stern fans with brutally honest tales of his rock star life, which is riddled with sex, drugs and everything else that makes him what he is.

So it’s no surprise at all that he chose this medium to announce the news that Aerosmith are calling it a day and that 2017 will see their final gigs.

Tyler himself has his first ever solo album in the can and ready for release. It’s titled ‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’ and it’s released on 15th July and you can read all the detail right here.

It’s no secret that during Aerosmith’s heyday, Steven was on another level when it came to partying but it might come as a shock to learn that during a 2013 visit to the Stern Show, Tyler gives credit to cocaine for the band’s early success.

“Yes, it got us through the 70s. If it wasn’t for ‘Peruvian marching powder’ we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did.

“From 1970 to 1979, we played every state except Alaska and Hawaii,” Tyler said.

To which Howard Stern asked: “And you think drugs got you through that?”

“I know it did,” Tyler fired back.

‘We’re All Somebody…’ is a country album and ever the joker, Steven has stated that: “Country music is the new rock n’ roll.”

No Steven, it very obviously is not but we wish you all the best with the album and forthcoming Aerosmith Farewell Tour anyway and we’ll have more news on the whole situation when there is some.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton will be guesting with Thin Lizzy on their forthcoming UK and USA dates while guitarist Brad Whitford is out on the road with former Ted Nugent singer Derek St Holmes supporting Whitesnake this month in support of the pair’s new collaboration, ‘Reunion’.

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