Angrrsth and Czort / Excellent Polish Black Metal at its most vital

W Czeluść, the split release from Polish Black Metal bands Angrrsth and Czort, is an absolute beast of an EP. There is no need to fear one band outshining the other, as can be the case with splits. This is four tracks spanning just over twenty-three minutes from two bands that are equally matched in both content and delivery, showing Polish Black Metal at its most vital.

Angrrsth / Czort – W Czeluść (Godz ov War Productions)

Release Date: 9 September 2022

Words: Jools Green

First up, Angrrsth, who released a full-length last year, Donikąd. Their two tracks feature screams by Zuzanna Tarazewicz. The opening track, Pętla, has backing vocals by Kaśka and is a track that, at just under eight minutes duration, takes no prisoners. It opens, assaulting your senses with a torrent of driving riffs. It’s dense, intense and immersive.

I love the vocal chants that burst through across the track. It does have that necessary ebb and build, too, dropping back a couple of minutes into something more dark and reflective but still packing a punch and developing a little more complexity in its twists and turns as it progresses. An utterly enthralling listen.

The second track Przerwana is dark and hypnotic, a classic Black Metal offering but embellished with Angrrsth’s style. The vocals again are excellent, part acidic, part chants and shouts, dropping back in the second half dramatically, emotively and impactfully. Overall, a track that gets your head nodding and your heart soaring. A superb listen.

With two studio full-lengths, Apostoł and Czarna ewangelia, under their belt already, we move to Czort’s two offerings. Firstly Źródło Upadku is an up-tempo driving work but with an ebb and build. A superb, dark and hauntingly engaging track. I was particularly drawn to the drum work here, particularly towards the second half. It adds to the texture of the track and complements the repeat riff, finally delivering a militaristic style rhythm to close.

The second piece Ofiara is in a similar vein but with more melodic segments. The vocals are superbly tortuous, and the closing leadwork darkly emotive, another excellent track.

Cover artwork and layout design is by Igor Datkiewicz from WS Artworks.

Two tracks each is a narrow window for a band to prove themselves, but W Czeluść definitely has me wanting to hear more from Angrrsth and Czort. End to end, this is a superb EP.

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