Andrew Scheps / From Metallica, defining ‘heaviness’ in Heavy Metal to honorary doctorate

Andrew Scheps has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Huddersfield for services to international music engineering. Scheps, who mixed the Metallica album Death Magnetic, is also part of a UK-invested research project into ‘perceptual heaviness’ in music and seeks to define ‘heaviness’ in Heavy Metal music.

Scheps is currently a member of the University’s Music and Audio Production research group in the School of Computing and Engineering. “At Huddersfield, I love the combination of very in-depth study of parts of the process,” he says, “but always letting people get through a project and understanding every aspect of it. Students really have an idea of what to expect when they come out of here. It’s a really great foundation.”

Scheps has also been awarded the title of Visiting Professor following nomination by Dr Mark Mynett after their work together on the Heaviness in Metal Music Production (HiMMP) Research Project, recognising his collaboration with the University in a significant manner.

“The Music Technology and Production team are absolutely delighted to have the legendary Andrew Scheps as our Visiting Professor,” Dr Mark Mynett said. “Andrew’s Production and Mixing discography speaks for itself, and he will be a huge inspiration to our students, especially as they will benefit from his lectures.”

The HiMMP Research Project is the world’s first academically funded research project into ‘perceptual heaviness’ in music. The UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council invested over £250,000 into the project.

HiMMP seeks to define ‘heaviness’ in Heavy Metal music with definitions from some of the genre’s leading producers. The project will see these producers mix a multi-track representing different Heavy Metal music characteristics, with accompanying video interviews explaining the process.

Scheps was a touring musician before discovering his passion for mixing and engineering and has since won three Grammys and worked with musicians as varied as Green Day, Neil Diamond and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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