Everyone loves an online game, even metal fans, and gaming is a great entertainment format to find material based on metal and rock and roll. Whatever metal bands you are into, or whatever type of game that you are interested in, there is an equivalent suitable for metal lovers. This guide will detail the best online games for those who want to combine both their love of metal and gaming into one hobby.

Casino Apps

If you want to experience the thrills and adrenaline of metal in one game, then you should branch out into casino apps, which can help to give you the high stakes and excitement that metal music can give you. Not only are there many rock and metal-themed casino slots, but Unibet provides a casino app that you can take along to all of your gigs with you, meaning that you will be unable to get bored in between acts at the latest gig.

Instrument Simulators

Have you always dreamed of being in a metal band but aren’t sure that you have the skills that you need to join one? Instrument simulators can make you feel like you do, with many simulators providing you with console accessories such as actual false instruments on which to play, ensuring that you can make some noise on-screen with only a few buttons. One of the best of these for metal lovers is the popular Guitar Hero, which provides you with a wide choice of musical genres from which to pick, as well as a whole separate game that focuses on the band Metallica.

Rock Band Virtual Worlds

Are you less interested in music and more interested in the metal way of life? If so, rock band virtual worlds and simulators can propel you into the world of metal and hard rock bands, allowing you to form your own group, go on tour, and manage your band however you wish. Not only will you feel like a star in no time, but you will soon get attached to your virtual band, in some cases even more so than the real bands that you love.

Metal and Hard Rock Themed Games

However, although most hard rock and metal games focus on bands or instruments, there are also some more unusual options when it comes to finding metal and rock-themed games. For instance, if you , there are also versions of rock-themed racing games. These include Rock n Roll Racing, which allows you to race and rock along the tracks to the tunes of your favourite bands.

Metal Soundtrack-Based Games

If you just want to play a game with a great soundtrack to get you in the mood, there are many games that include metal music on part, or the whole, of their soundtrack. This includes popular and spectacular games such as God of War and Bayonetta, which each allow you to play against a backdrop of some of the best metal music around.

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