‘Sex Tips From Rock Stars: In Their Own UNCENSORED Words’

sex tips from rockstars

For decades, they have held the power to attract the world’s hottest supermodels, Playmates® and Pets®. They have smorgasbords of groupies awaiting them at every tour stop. They’ve seen sex in all its most bizarre forms, all around the world – and now they let you in on the sizzling action!

‘Sex Tips from Rock Stars’ is the world’s first extensive study of rock stars concerning sex, in which many of music’s most celebrated rockers share their do’s and dont’s on a long list of sexual topics. They provide you with an abundance of uncensored bite-sized tips and tongue in-cheek pointers on every single aspect of sex – from dating to divorcing.

Some ideas are practical and surprising, others are as naturally wild and crazy as their millions of fans would expect. These international rock stars take you deep inside their uninhibited world of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll as they come clean on their dirty little secrets for the very first time. Your own carnal fantasies will come alive when you find yourself taking on this book’s raunchy ideas and super-hot sex tips, all with the confidence of the rock stars themselves. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Titillating, weirdly informative, and thoroughly entertaining, ‘Sex Tips from Rock Stars’ provides you with wall-shaking, earth-quaking turn-on moves in what is perhaps the most politically incorrect version of the birds and the bees the world has encountered. Fuck yeah!

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