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21st February 2014

keith wilfort

Keith Wilfort is a big name in the early history of Iron Maiden. Keith was one of the band's first ever true fans, 'inventor' of the first ever Iron Maiden t-shirt and became the band's first ever fan club secretary.

Keith is not in good shape at the moment and is in hospital in California where he now lives and requires open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve.

He's had to have his teeth removed in preparation for the surgery and to save him from further infection. The surgery will almost certainly go ahead today (Friday 21st February).

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The after care and medication alone will cost thousands of dollars and donations from the Metal community are coming in thick and fast to the GoFundMe page that Keith's family have set up. You can visit the page and donate by clicking here.

Two people have made anonymous donations of $1000 each and although Keith is in high spirits, he wants his teeth back so he can swear at everyone properly.

The band have been informed, and Metallica have also been alerted, due to the connection between the bands over the years.

So far the donations have hit $3,500, which is staggering in three days.

Keith and his family are updating his Facebook page with all developments and you can follow them by clicking here.

Donate by clicking here.

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